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    Mar. 14, 2007

    Default are all kinks out of new format?

    sorry...I saw another thread on 'hating' new format, but didn't read all the pages to see ? if this has already been asked. If it has, Mods please go ahead and delete this one.

    My screen shows things in, over on the rh side there is a menu bar? that says: settings facts memberlist calendar (etc) but it seems? its in the wrong place?

    then, when I try to look at private messages that screen is askewed and offset/wrong too.....

    Is this something I need to adjust on my end? or is this something others are experiencing ?

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    --Jimmy Buffett

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    Feb. 23, 1999
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    Patience, Grasshopper. It's been less than 24 hours. Takes time to work out the bugs.
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    Sep. 2, 2005
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    There is a thread in the help section where you can post the issues you are having so the tech crew can see it.

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