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    My mare loves the top of her butt scratched right at the tail. If you stop, she will walk backwards to try and force you to continue. My ex actually got pinned between her and a fence because he stopped. Had to rescue him after I stopped laughing. Also the withers. She will side step to get you to continue. She almost pinned me doing that before. It's hysterical because no matter where you scratch her, if you stop she will go that direction for more without ever turning her body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainDancer View Post
    It's hysterical because no matter where you scratch her, if you stop she will go that direction for more without ever turning her body.
    My horse does the "grooming walk" too. It is almost impossible to groom anything beyond the middle of his back because he's walking all over trying to put his shoulders back in the line of fire.
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    I recently discovered my horses very odd itchy spot-his armpit! He's a sensitive skinned TB and normally despises being groomed or being touched on, except for a couple typical horse scratchy spots like his neck But oh how he looooooooves having his armpit scratched, the harder the better!

    He'll even turn his head and point to the spot when he wants me to scratch on it and get upset if he won't. I just think it's weird because of all the spots on a horse you would think would be super sensitive and not want touched.

    We also had a filly at the track who loved to have her faced scratched with the plastic leaf rake. If she saw you raking the barn aisle, she would get really upset, pawing and bobbing her head until you scratched her on the forehead with it. She also adored being scratched on the butt with the plastic pitchfork, and if you stood under her neck and scratched each side of her crest with opposite storkes, she would throw her head side to side in the rhythm of your scratching.
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    I worked with a weanling filly many years ago, who when she became adjusted to me touching everything and her being okay with with it, loveeeeedd having the inside of her back legs scratched. She was great about having her udder cleaned at 8 months, and when she realized I was going to give her scratches after I cleaned her up, she began raising her back leg off the ground ever so slightly to give me more room for scratches. Sweetest filly ever.
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    The horse i ride LOVES his belly scratched. Stretches his head out and down, curls his lip and wobbles his head from side to side. Cutest thing ever. But I learned (like someone else said), this is ONLY ACCEPTABLE in the summer time. Because this morning, he gave me devil faces for even considering such a trick.
    I do know his shoulders where the blankets start is a sweet spot in the winter.
    And face year round. I just make claw hands and he walks into them and bobs his head however he wants. He will also fall asleep if you swirl his ears in every direction. Soooo adorable.

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