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    Default Horse Care magazines in the mail

    So I love love love getting mail. For some reason it makes me vary happy (well except for bills of course ) I love to subscribe to good magazines to ensure that I get my mail fix

    I get so much amazing information right off this message board, but what good horse care publications would you reccommend?

    I was looking at Horse Journal as a possibility as well as Equus magazine. I am really looking for something that focuses on horse care and health. Are there any others out there I don't know about? Thanks!

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    Apr. 14, 2007
    Pen Argyl PA


    i love Equus. I used to get the HORSE but it was pretty technical for me. More forVets and Vet Tech's.

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    Jan. 16, 2002
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    Horse Journal disguises itself as "research" and does nothing to refute the fact that it is merely a bunch of anecdotes being put forward as evidence. Worthless IMO.

    Equus is a little too touchy-feely "my pretty pony" for me.

    Practical Horseman is OK and I do get it but usually only skim it and it is perpetually on the "cut list", close to being eliminated if I'm in a bad mood when renewal time comes around.

    COTH is a must--love it! They have done a lot better in recent years in getting away from nothing but horse show reports and delving into breeding, training, and horse care articles.

    I also get Horse and Hound from the UK and it is GREAT, my only regret being that a lot of products they use over there are not available here. It is pure horse envy looking in on a relatively tiny country with SO MUCH horsey stuff going on!

    The Horse is fairly good, but has "dumbed down" quite a bit recently IMO.

    I get Eventing magazine as I'm a USEA member and that's fairly good but obviously a niche publication.

    For your specific "want" I'd say The Horse is best, but pick up a couple of issues of COTH or look at the online articles, too.
    Click here before you buy.

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    Oct. 25, 2012


    I've found much to like in The Horse.

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    Feb. 18, 2011
    Phillipsburg Ohio


    I love equus magazine for care, health and knowledge. I do like practical horseman as well. I'm not too fond of horse illustrated, but it is cheap- 10.00 a year, so I keep renewing it for something to look at when bored.

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    Sep. 21, 2005
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    The Horse is my favorite

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    Jul. 15, 2003


    The Horse is my favorite too, as well as their email newsletter and website that has thousands of articles archived. Equus comes in as number 2. I tried the Horse Journal because they had a promotional price, but I won't renew as I don't think there is enough good content. I think it was a lot better 10 years ago.

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    Jul. 3, 2012
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    I like the Horse. It is the only magazine I pay for. However, I will say that it makes me paranoid. After every issue I have a new thing to worry about: blister beetles! EHV! etc etc It isn't alarmist or anything, it just puts ideas in my head.

    Years ago I thought Equus was good, but the last few time I saw it, it didn't seem to have much, but that was a v. limited sample.

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