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    Default Chaffhaye - Weight dry (less moisture content)?

    Chaffhaye alfalfa is listed at about a 50% moisture content.
    Any idea how much the alfalfa would weigh without that much moisture?
    The bags are 50 lbs. How much dry alfalfa would that be in a bag?

    Since switching my horse to Chaffhaye he has lost weight. I had attributed
    the weight loss to Cushings - but now have to wonder.

    I need to get the weight back on my horse - safely and economically.

    Chaffhaye Alfalfa
    50 lb bags $13.25

    Alfalfa Cubes (mentioned for price comparison ie dry - but soaking problematic)
    50 lb bags $15.95

    Alfalfa Pellets (Standlee - great stuff) (just got a bag of it)
    40 lb bags $12.65

    I like the CH and will continue to feed it - but less of it if my thinking is correct -
    and more of the pellets.

    Thanks any thoughts/experiences.

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    How much (pounds) are you feeding? What were you feeding before when he was in good weight?

    I don't know if I would increase the alfalfa pellets as they can be a choking hazard as can the cubes.

    Since the price is comparable, why not feed more of the chaff, or add fat to the diet? Are you feeding any concentrates?

    I think I understand what you're getting at-you don't want to pay for "moisture", and I totally agree with that, but the pellets would more than likely have some moisture content as well, and won't supply the long-stem forage desirable for digestion.


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