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    Jan. 9, 2012

    Default Amerigo Saddle Reviews /Questions

    Alrighty, i could probably search this forum and find everything i need to know, but alas, I can't get my search to work.

    So, I currently have my Prestige Event saddle for sale in hopes it'll sell soonish, and then off to [hopefully] get an Amerigo. His previous owner rode him in a Amerigo Vega monoflap jump saddle, and that is definitely what i'd be leaning towards.

    Now, his prestige fits him fine - so there isn't a huge urgency to get a new one, only it doesn't fit me quite right. I know the Vega fits him (shape-wise) - I just need to talk to a rep/fitter and see if I could get some opinions and maybe try a few different sizes on him.

    I will definitely be buying used as my wallet cannot afford a 4k saddle right now

    I did find this little fella on horseclicks, and the lady said she's willing to do a 3-day trial on it as well. (A must).

    And it's just bonus that it's black, as my current jump saddle is black as well.

    Also, what are peoples general opinions on the vega monoflap? How well do they hold up use? Pros/cons of riding in them? And the difference in the older models vs. newer ones? This one linked above is an 05' model.

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    I think they're great saddles. I have the Vega monoflap dressage, and it is a really nice saddle that fits a lot of horses well.

    Oddly, when I was in the market for a jump saddle, I tried the jump version of the Vega and it did not fit my horse at all. Also, the flap was not nearly forward enough for my thigh.

    I just read somewhere that they've redesigned the new model to have a more forward flap; I think that unless you have short legs or don't ride with short stirrups, the flap on the older model probably won't be forward enough. That said, I think the Vegas are well made and always in high demand, so if a used one fits you and your horse, get it. You'll probably always be able to sell it down the road.

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    Talking Amerigo = Gold

    I will tell you I love love love the Amerigo brand. The owner [Robin] in the US is just a wonderful woman.

    I rode in the Amerigo Alto dressage and was amazing at the feeling of my horse underneath. I had ridden in so many dressage saddles with so much freaking padding or crap underneath that I couldn't ever feel the horse. I didn't end up getting it due to I felt it was for a more experienced rider. I am waiting to try the Amerigo DJ Dressage currently.

    I have not tried their jump tack but my trainer swears by both and refuses to buy anything else. I would contact the owner and see if she has any demo's for sale - they tend to be cheaper. She'd be able to help you out a lot with fitting or what you need too.

    I can't say I really know anyone who has a monoflap except for the appeal of having to say they have it. I would think I would like it to promote the thinner flap or more feeling of your horse underneath but I have not actually owned one so I have no weight there.

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    Jul. 29, 2011
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    I tried the Vega when I was saddle shopping and it was the only saddle that felt perfect from ride one. I actually ended up with the CC Pinerolo Monoflap, which I love even more and is actually very durable considering its calfskin. I love love love my Amerigo!

    ETA: I have the monoflap and really, really like it. It's extremely light weight and while I don't see any differences as far as contact with your horse goes (versus my dual flap Spirig dressage saddle) the light weight is a huge plus for me.

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    FWIW, I was just talking with my saddle fitter about my possibly replacing my jump saddle-the Vega is his top choice in jump saddles.
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