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    Apr. 21, 2010


    Our horses are here at home but ive filled all my muck tubs and troughs. For 2 ponies, it will last at least 5 days. And we have a stream, if I run out.

    We do not have a generator. I'm not terribly concerned about that. Have enough non perishables to make it awhile.

    Going to fill the tub tonight so we have toilet water and water to wash up with.

    We are most likely going to head to a friends place if we lose power, at least they're on city water, so we can flush toilets.

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    Aug. 4, 2010
    Bozeman, MT


    Quote Originally Posted by MistyBlue View Post
    Must be a guy thing! Mr Blue spent all of last night trying to overplan The Hurricane. (spoken in serious tones)

    He went out looking for a crank radio...I reminded him that we have a generator. Fill everything up with water? We have a generator.

    Most definitely a possibility. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we're out for 4 days or less.

    CL&P has called twice with recorded messages stating how they're improved and also listing the things we should be doing to be prepared. They did screw up last 2 times...but in some ways I don't blame them for the worst of it.
    With Irene...well, it's so rare that CT gets hits with that much rain and wind. Hurricanes bounce along the coast and lose a *lot* of steam that way before they get here. Also the biggest issues with Irene was trees/limbs down and not having enough tree removal guys. You can't repair lines that still have trees on them. But they also lied about how long that would take.
    The snowstorm at halloween was a real screw up. They didn't believe we'd really get that much snow, and they didn't want to spend the extra on tree guys again. Tried to save money because they lost some with Irene. CL&P isn't hurting for money.

    But all in all, too many people just don't prepare for serious weather. Just makes sense to be prepared for the worst, just in case. I never worry too much about it, we're always prepared. I kinda look forward to it...except for keeping Mr Blue calm, LOL!

    But yeah, we'll be without power for some time most likely. Thankfully there are a lot more leaves down this year at this time, so less leaves to catch the wind. But it's also been a wet, warm fall and the ground is soft and wet already. Tons more rain = ground washout and saturation. Add wind = tree roots popping out of the ground as they get pushed over. Probably a lot of oak big branches down and lots of other smaller nut trees being uprooted. (nut trees still have leaves right now)

    Takes a while to clear the roads and lines of trees, which is what makes restoring power take so long.

    Do you have a generator? If not, check online for your local Patch. Here's yours IIRC:

    That's going to have your most current and local news on recharging/water stations in your town.'re going to love having a generator! Mr Blue pitched a fit years ago when I told him the ONLY thing I wanted for our anniversary He kept mumbling about having a "husband" and not a wife, LOL! Thankfully he's a "go big or go home" type guy so bought a honking huge one. After the next outtage, he stopped complaining and started thinking it was all his idea.

    When you have horses at home, I don't think a generator is really optional if you have well water. Basically having one just for water is a huge bonus. The 3/4 important things are: well, furnace, fridge and hot water heater. If you don't have a woodstove, just furnace and well makes life MUCH easier.
    Thanks Misty! You are so sweet to think of a generator source for us, but we should be set. We do have a generator this time so hopefully all will be well?!?!? Let's hope we can get to the gas station so the thing stays running!!

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    Well things will be less stressful with a generator.

    Latest report is saying it might be a little further south of CT than originally thought. Who knows? It changes often. Plus a hurricane can do whatever it wants.

    I did hear from my niece tonight, she said if anyone in Ct needs a stall for an outside horse, her barn has 2 empty ones right now. In Middletown, off of 69, not far from the Meriden or Cromwell town lines. If anyone needs an indoor spot, contact Shady Lane on Facebook.

    Also Phil @ Tenbroeck has some stall space in Pepperel MA too, IIRC.
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    Horizon and Parmalat make the boxed milk. For those who can't drink milk in that same section there is rice, almond, and soy milk that is boxed as well. Get the little 8 oz boxes though because it does need to be refrigerated after it's open so if you get the small boxes you will usually be able to use it up before needing to go in the fridge. I always have a small supply of them in the house just in case. Aside from fillings tubs I also filled a bunch of ziplock bags with water and threw them in the freezer so that if the power goes out we can shove them in the fridge to help keep things colder for longer.
    The one good thing about repeating your mistakes is that you know when to cringe.

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