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    Jingles for you and your kitty . . . I feed an old stray tomcat who comes and goes. This last time I didn't see him for nearly a month and finally figured he wasn't coming back. Broke my heart, as he'd just finally started letting me pet him. Next morning -- there he was, fat and sassy, meowing for his breakfast.

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    I have one cat that disappeared for about three months one summer and only two months the next summer. She came back thinner both times.
    She is getting lazy in her old age and didn't miss a meal this summer.

    Hope your kitty comes home soon.

    I do recommend flyer and to actually stop in at the local rescue on a regular basis to check the cat for yourself. People are strange and may not have dropped her off as a stray. Or your description doesn't quite match what the volunteer thinks the cat looks like or whatever... Go yourself.
    Oh, well, clearly you're not thoroughly indoctrinated to COTH yet, because finger pointing and drawing conclusions are the cornerstones of this great online community. (Tidy Rabbit)

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    My poor baby still hasn't returned home. I'm not giving up hope quite yet but it really doesn't feel right. It's so out of character for her and we're pushing 2 weeks since she was last seen. I'm just heartbroken.

    Yesterday I was contacted by a friend of mine involved in animal rescue, and was told that they had 10 cats removed from a hoarding situation in town. They needed homes for them desperately and me being the bleeding-heart that I am, ended up with this pretty little girl:

    She still needs quite a bit of TLC. She's been wormed and fixed since being rescued, but still appears rather malnourished. Her coat is awful due to the flea-infested conditions and her ears/eyes are quite dirty. It'll be months before she starts to bloom. I'm happy she's with us, but it's a bittersweet scenario since she shares many of the same mannerisms as the one who's missing. Name suggestions are welcome.

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    Jingles your baby comes home.

    I had to post about the eyes of your new kitteh. Can't tell for sure if you've got a calico there.....if so, given the experience we've had with one with the same look in their eyes......might as well bow to the queen now!

    HRH Claire (?)
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    I hope your kitty comes home as well ! But so glad you rescued another -
    keep us updated about her.

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    I can't come up with a name but she sure is cute! I do hope your lost lady still finds her way home though...keeping my fingers crossed.
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