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    Dec. 8, 2011
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Default Tack room...with no space to build one

    I'm trying to come up with ways to have a "tack room" in my barn. Would love ideas. Everything is typically stored in my garage now! I have a small barn, and it consists of hay storage, two large stalls, and a run in for my minis. I have NO corners available, so putting a tack room tucked away in a corner is not do-able. I would love for it to be longer, but not deep, and have some shelves and hooks and things, and be deep enough for those shelves/hooks, and a couple of saddle racks perhaps. My only idea so far is something like this...unless I can beg hubby into making something similar. I wish I had a bigger barn.... but not in the cards at this time. I would love other ideas though. Hubby is crafty, but having the time to do it, that's another story!
    Angie from Verona, Wisconsin

    Owned by a grulla QH, 2 Fjords, and two mini geldings. RIP Kissy. Friend for 26 years...

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Deltawave has a plastic small utility closet that she fitted for saddles and tack.
    Doesn't use any room hardly, cost little and best, it is movable, if you want it in another place.
    Could even use two of those if more storage is needed.
    Maybe she will see this and post the picture again.

    The shed in your picture looks like a good idea also.
    Around here we call those yard sheds.

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    Nov. 10, 2011


    No real advice, although I do give two big thumbs up to lifetime products. I bought one of their pool storage boxes two years ago for my blankets. It stayed in the pasture all winter and never once leaked any water. it still looks brand new.

    Do think about the locker. Wood, or plastic. They store a lot without taking up a large foot print.

    Good Luck!

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