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    Mar. 7, 2011

    Default Chewbacca's (and mine) first HDT

    Because there is simply not yet enough helmet cam video on the Interwebz of me and Chewbacca:

    This was our first HDT ever! It was so very very exciting! A great learning experience- it was really quite different "training" and then getting out to do it "for real" - being in that huuuuuuuge dressage arena and all! But the marathon phase was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More pictures and a full report can be found right here:

    the short version:

    did we have any issues? no
    did we win? no
    did we make mistakes, gain a better understanding, and build confidence to get into this again next year? YES INDEED!!!!
    did we have fun? OH HECK YEAH!!

    Well.... Ok, maybe Chewie didn't have quite as much fun seeing as how he did all the work

    Next year, I hope to do 2 HDT's with Chewbacca, and actually I am starting to think I may enter my hackney pony, Luke in a full on CDE.... have to see if the "wallet gods" will allow.

    I was planning to take them both to this HDT, but decided that it would be too overwhelming trying to show 2 horses at my first event - and since I was there for 10 hours, and was exhausted by the time I finally got home after unloading and putting everything away, I'm glad I didn't take both horses. Way too much work!!!! lol.

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    Jan. 4, 2009


    Congrats! I enjoyed the videos and your blog entry.


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    Jan. 25, 2010


    I really like HDTs, especially since I drive Clydesdales. The ones I have done have you do dressage and cones before lunch, then a marathon (6-7 K) after lunch. They have a special time for draft horses, although I am pretty sure my guys could come in in horse time. We do 5 hazards. Last one I did we went through the water hazard anbd it was awesome. My goal is always to NOT get eliminated! And we always have funm even if we do get eliminated. There is a close-by venue that has a series of four HDTs and for some reason I have missed them all but the one that is scheduled for this weekend. Since each day is "self-contained" my friend will comppete Saturday and I will compete Sunday. Leaves each of us with help/groom/navigator.

    I am glad to hear Chewbacca did so well! I am bringing Tuffy this weekend. He really enjoys dressage (and is great at it) and my other Clyde Inage still has his big show shoes on, so I don't like to run him so much. One of the other things I like about HDTs is the horses don't see it as a competition since they are not in a ring with other horses, so they are always way more relaxed. I recommend HDTs for anyone wanting low-stress competition, although I have heard from friends that it is difficult for minis due to the distance.

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    Mar. 7, 2011


    Wow, 6-7K! That's a long one! This marathon was only 4km, and had 3 obstacles. It was a ton of fun, and great first experience, for sure! I can't wait to do more next year.

    And I DEFINITELY found that (as I suspected) my ex-barrel racer turned driving horse ( ) was way way way more comfortable showing in a "non-arena" arena vs. his ADT he did in June. Being in a true arena at a show did not appeal to him, but being out in the open like at the HDT, he was calm and easy going - no barrels to be run!

    Really looking forward to doing more next year.

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    Oct. 5, 2011


    Awesome. Sounds like you had fun and you guys looked great!

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    Mar. 7, 2011



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