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    Apr. 23, 2005

    Default Cross Post: Favourite Green Bean Exercises For Small Arenas

    Posted this in the H/J forum, but I'm very interested to hear what everyone in dressage-land has to say as well.

    So, as as the title says, I'm moving my young mare to a barn with a small indoor in December. I'd love to hear your favourite exercises for when you're constricted by a small ring.

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    Sep. 26, 2010


    How small are we talking? 20m X 40m or ??

    How about the following:

    1) Turn on the forehand
    2) Leg yield to the wall, or from centerline to quarterline or from quarterline to the rail
    3) shoulder-fore or shoulder-in

    I can come up with other ideas depending on what size ring you are working with.

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    Apr. 23, 2005


    The website says the ring is 80’ x 100’, or 24m x 30m. More square than rectangular.

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    May. 13, 2012


    The biggest thing is variation. Leg yields, circles, etc., will be boring quickly for your mare. Work on everything you can think of. Work with no reins, work over a ground pole, do a leg yield then a half circle and reverse, etc. Keep your mare interested in her work.

    Work on your groundwork. Do some walk-canter or trot-canter transitions. Bring in a tarp and work on her crossing the tarp. Bring in a partner and a soccer ball and practice tossing it back and forth, to get her used to objects moving around her body.

    There are endless possibilities, just be creative!

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