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    You may want to experiment with the size before you commit yourself. Mark off a piece of dirt that's the size of the indoor dimensions with poles or, in a pinch, paint, and try it out. Get a sense of how much you can get done in 50' wide and if that's the best use of your $$ to go forward.

    Since you're new to the property, you might consider waiting out your plan this winter, and get a good sense of what possibilities there are for riding outside or possibly hauling out. You might find, for example, that there's a better way to get the riding you need by using the money differently than you first thought.

    If you end up having to put in a new building, something like a covered round pen might be an option as well, and perhaps more affordable.

    Good luck!
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    I love my pool, but it is a lap pool, 12' x 40', much smaller than yours, in Florida. When we have to heat it for a month or two in the winter, it is an outgrageous expense. And that is just to get the water to about 80 degrees. Your pool building doesn't look that well insulated (especially the light panels) and if you really wanted to use it in the winter, you're looking at 85 or so degrees for at least 6 months. And once you turn on the heat, it's more cost effective to keep it going, rather than stopping and starting. It will cost thousands! I'd keep the pool, but just for warm weather use (because I really do love them ) and build a nice covered round pen to ride in for the winter.

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    The barn I boarded at for 12 years had a 40' x 60' practically subterranean indoor arena (stone walls, high windows). I've been in lessons of 6-8 people in there! When the footing can be rock-hard and icy outside (this was outside of Boston) and the temps so cold your toes feel like they are breaking when you dismount? In those conditions, "size doesn't matter".

    I vote for filling it unless the contractor feels that it will never be reclaimable as a pool by future owners. Have you told us how accessible it is i.e. size of doors, or would you assume you'd dismantle one side of the building for the equipment?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nifty550 View Post
    Hubby and I just bought a farmette complete with barn, pastures, and ample land to ride on. Also came with a morton building with an in-ground pool inside. Former owners were into horses for a time, had the indoor riding arena built, then got out of horses and decided to install the indoor in-ground pool. Building is heated, as is the pool so it is able to used year round (we are in upstate ny). The pool is nice, but I really would prefer the building being converted back to it's original and intended use - indoor riding arena. I am going to contact an excavator and other contractors to try and determine cost and feasibility. Odds are no one else has any experience with this particular situation (who would ever put a pool in here! I know), but I am open to ideas and suggestions. TIA! Picture here:
    Honestly, going by that picture, that seems way to small a building to ride in.
    I would say it would be easy to just close,winterize and keep as is for any further resale, if you are not going to use it.
    Then try to build a bigger indoor.

    If nothing else, tear it all down, haul it off and build a bigger indoor may be easier than tearing the pool out without damaging the building itself and/or being way too costly.

    Do get several bids, maybe there is a way to do what you want that won't cost more than just building new and bigger, but I doubt that will be much less than trying to tear down and rebuild in there.

    It does look like such a great pool barn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoZ View Post
    Have you told us how accessible it is i.e. size of doors, or would you assume you'd dismantle one side of the building for the equipment?
    This is what I was wondering... it seems like it would be quite challenging to get the proper equipment in there to remove the pool and turn it into an arena without completely wrecking the building.
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    Just a thought - with no idea if this is do-able: what about move the building, and leave the pool where it is only as a summer pool. But I wouldn't be comfortable or inspired in an arena that size.

    Personally I'd be inclined to do what Bluey said, close it up and build a bigger indoor.

    That's a great looking pool!

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    I agree that access for large equipment to get in there and do the demo will probably be your biggest issue.

    What about keeping the pool operational this winter and see how much you use it/how much of a PIA it is? Then make a final decision in the spring.

    I honestly think it's going to be so expensive to redo that you'd be better off leaving it and building a new indoor later. Is there an outdoor ring also? If so, maybe look into covering that one?

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    When I had to relocate due to work, the dream house/farmette I found was perfect. But for one thing- a gosh darn heated pool, cabanay thing, gas fire pit, right where a beautiful sacrifice are would be. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????
    I gave Mark 1 year to figure out the working of our magnificent pool or it will be filled in. And yes, you are looking at about 10 grand because that is one of the first things I asked. You can good my address and see the bloody pool right next to my barn. grrnnn
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    Fill it in, tear it out, it's ALL expensive. We leased space from a dot com magnate and he didn't like his old pool (Olympic sized for a former YMCA camp) or where it was so he tore it out and moved it (built a new one) a couple hundred feet away. Cha-ching! (we knew things were going south in the dot com world when we showed up on a weekday and the workmen were nowhere to be found)

    Smallest arena I've used was roughly 44 x 120, which was at an ASB barn. It worked OK, but corners kinda don't exist in the ASB world, they'll canter down the barn aisle, stop, turn around and canter back down and call it good. If I were really interested in working I'd want the minimum dressage size so you've got a short side instead of the minimum width to keep a canter (read somewhere that circus arenas are 42 across minimum as that is the minimum size to keep a canter going for the rosin backs, take it as you will)

    I really don't know what I'd do with something I didn't want that isn't right for anything else either - fill in the pool and use it for hay and equipment storage?
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