Hi there - I am posting this for a friend. If you PM me on here with your contact information, I can pass it along to her if you're interested.

She has a 2 year old male dog (not neutered) that needs to be rehomed. Captain is a medium sized dog, he was sold to her as a lab/shepard mix as a puppy, but there is some other breeds in there as well we believe maybe pitbull, or rodesian ridgeback [not really sure.]

On some levels Captain is a very sweet boy, he loves to fetch, swim and go for car rides, he gets along GREAT with other dogs and loves to play. He does not run off and stays right around, even unsupervised.

He is however a skittish dog, and I’m afraid he is going to bite someone out of fear. We have a new addition to the family, our son, who is 7 months old, and Captain is visibly afraid of the baby.

We want Captain to go to a home that has experience with this personality type in a dog (the skittish dog with potential for fear biting.). Please understand, he has not bitten anyone yet, but we feel that living outside is not fair to Captain, and want him to go to a home that can give him a fair chance at being the good dog that we think he could be in the right home.

We have been Captain's only home, and have always socialized him and brought him everywhere with us, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference with this.