The guy with the cattle makes his money on the beef when he sells them....he just has no time to bottle feed any babies that are rejected. So that is how he makes his money. We all need farmers to raise up beef cows as we eat them. But when they have so many of them, it gets hard to raise up multiple babies...I just never thought they would let them die if the mommy doesnt raise them.

Chickens are the same way. i breed my chickens to eat their eggs and to eat fresh chicken. I am not a rescue, just a farmer who wants to help out. I know people dont understand that, but different chickens have different purposes. Some are GREAT egg layers...some are GREAT meat birds. some are good at both. some are good at neither. they are ALL good at eating bugs which is why I love having them on the farm. The only chickens I eat are the meat birds I raise up or any that turn aggressive....I have 4 kids and if any rooster/animal shows aggression to the kids will be nicely put down and put in the freezer. This OBVIOUSLY doesnt apply to horses or other non-meat animals. This really only applies to roosters and I have told anyone that gives us roosters that they are welcomed to live out their life here as long as they want, but if they turn mean, I do put them down. We have had that happen only a few times.

So i know what you are think I get free roosters just to eat them. that is not the case. i give them all a chance to just have fun with the hens and eat all the bugs they want. But I do get emails about roosters. Some are nice roosters...and some are just mean. But I live kinda near a city where people arent allowed to have they get chickens and get rid of roosters because they dont want to get caught. So people will write me with multiple roos..and chances are some are mean. i am up front with them about it.

This isnt about getting free animals as no animal is free. It takes feed, water, shelter and medical care/vaccinations for every animal. And I cant take in everything. But I do try to help when I can or i have connections and will try to point those I cant help in a direction where they can be helped.