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    Thanks! I have decided to let this horse go barefoot for a while, since he is sounder without his shoes on. I am not sure it is the shoes or a farrier change but he is sounder.

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    Guns don't shoot people and shoes don't shoe horses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S1969 View Post
    That is just what I was going to say...having had to stand in my barn this week for my mare to be shod with winter shoes. It wasn't below zero, but we had enough wind coming through the door (since farrier won't bring his forge inside, nor would I let him anyway)...I think I might have frozen to death if we had a fan on as well!

    I didn't realize that all farriers didn't bring a forge with them. There are times my farrier doesn't need one, but he always has it available. This week he specifically mentioned that it was just too darn cold to even think about hammering on cold metal.
    If you have wind coming thru the door, just face the horse into the wind, and the smoke will blow towards back of horse.
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