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    Nov. 30, 2009

    Default Introducing my pair!

    I joined COTH a couple of years ago but literally posted once, I think. I had an Arab and a QH pony then. I still have the Arab and have since sold the pony ( ) to a great family, acquired a young QH that didn't suit me, and traded him for a 7yo TBx mare named Tuesday. She is my little dressage prospect and I am enjoying her immensely. The hunter jumper barn I was at for nearly eight years sold this spring, and I am now at a dressage/eventing barn and finally at the age of 25 learning how to RIDE. It was a huge epiphany that riding is not merely staying on the horse and coping. Or maybe the epiphany is that that was what I have been doing. So I am trying to reinvent myself as a rider. There are a few things I am having a hard time overcoming, such as a bad right shoulder which causes a lot of crookedness, haha. The Arab is my best buddy and due to my last barn going out of business, he is retired from being a schoolie...which is great, because he appears to have found a new lease on life and has turned into a hoodlum. He is a dork.

    Here is Benny.
    We dabble in the little western dressage classes sometimes.

    And Tuesday.
    She is a little long in the back and a "sawed off" model with her short little legs, but now that I'm learning about my own correctness, she works hard for me and is putting on more and more supporting muscle.

    For fun, this was us when I first got her at the end of this January. And things got worse before they started to get better, and we can only improve.
    Owned by a fabulous red boy and a chunky mare

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    Welcome aboard to the world of endless possibilities. It is a land of never quite getting "There".

    I hope you have some good instruction, because that is the key to learning well.

    Both Benny and Tuesday are handsome, useful looking horses. Enjoy
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    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

    Remember the horse does all the work, we just sit there and look pretty.

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