Wanted to post this on here for feedback, sorry if it's a bit long! Back in late June/early July, my 11 year old Andalusian x Paint gelding developed a swollen sheath. First symptom was being girthy/sensitive on his flank - but it was confirmed to not be ulcers, which had been my first thought. Then the sheath swelled, so I started cold hosing per vet's recommendation and gave it a week. It didn't improve a lot, so vet visited and we did a week of Tri Dex and some improvement. She felt a specific outline on the left, and we suspected a bug bite of some sort. It was still super hot and nasty outside then, which didn't help, but it improved a bit, just didn't go away. Vet visited again, and another week of Tri Dex yielded further improvements. Then opted to wait and see if a change in the weather helped, which it did. But now we still have a lump on the tip of his sheath on the left side that has remained. It has shrunk, not grown, and all the other swelling is gone, so just the defined lump remains.

It's not sore or open, so doesn't really feel like carcinomas, but he is a pinto. He's totally healthy and not in any pain at all. I suppose it could be something like cancer or lymph issues, but it shrank consistently. So, could it just be something remaining from a bee sting? He has had a small lump on the point of his right hip pop up at times - never grown, just sometimes visible, sometimes not. He has had swelling along his cheeks, but not right where the lymphs are - and other geldings had similar swelling and we witnessed them banging their heads against each other, so I've always thought that was basically a stupid pasture injury. Not wanting to connect things that aren't related, but mentioning anything that COULD relate.

We're doing a biopsy next week to hopefully find out more, but of course, I can't help but want to get ideas sooner, and see if anyone has seen a very specific swelling like this, not general swelling of the area, that's remained for over 3 months? Could a bee sting on the sheath take that long to dissipate? Could it be scar tissue that is just going to stay? THANKS for any input, even the scary stuff!!!