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    Default a pesky windpuff?

    I recently put my WB broodmare back to work after weaning her off her first foal. She has been under saddle for nearly 4 weeks now and is going swimmingly. Before I bred her, she had a successful dressage career and we plan to do the hunters.

    I started slowly. with lunging and mostly trot and slowly working up the time intervals. I noticed about 2 weeks ago that her left hind fetlock had a couple windpuffs on the outside of the joint almost towards the back. no heat, no response to palpation, no lameness. I chalked it up to her being out of shape and suddenly starting work again, and the fact that she has always had some minor windpuffs come and go on both hind legs throughout the last 2 years i have owned her.

    I started using hind polos while i rode to get the swelling down and it always is almost 100% gone after i ride. Also cold hose after most rides... but after a day or two off, it is a nice puffy, hard little round bump. I did a furazone sweat wrap last week which seemed to help a bit, but nothing has gotten it to go away completely.

    I did flexions on her and she jogged away fine. there is still no heat and she still is going great, doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

    How can i get this pesky windpuff to disappear? Or should i be worried that it may not be just a windpuff?

    Thanks Guys

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    Little Rhody


    I know most people believe windpuffs are benign. However, my experience with windpuffs is they can indicate current/future suspensory problems. Won't hurt to get an ultrasound of the "puff" area to rule it out.

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