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    Default American Equine Insurance Group Reviews?

    Thinking of moving all of my horses over to American Equine Insurance Group (AEIG) after being a long-time customer of GAIG through its many iterations. I'm attracted to its lack of co-insurance for diagnostics on major medical and the ability to insure my under $15,000 valued horses for both mortality and major medical at least up to their declared value.

    Anyone out there use them and have good or bad experience with them when it comes time for a claim? I hope not to have a claim if I switch but would like to know the experience would be relatively easy if I did....

    Thanks in advance for any reviews.
    GoodNess Ridge Farm

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    Azle, Teh-has


    I use them. Purchase through Hallmark. (Hallmark rocks too BTW!!)

    I used Great American before and left great American for the reasons you stated wanting to use AEIG. : )

    AEIG paid out better than GA. We are in the middle of a claim right now.

    Though it took FOOOOORRRRR EEEEVVVVVERRRRR to get the first big check. Our rep went out of town...blah blah blah...stupid excuses.

    Though we no longer mind because they literally paid EVERYTHING but the injections.

    GA was shady I thought. "oh we'll pay for some of this and some of that but not 100% of anything" kind of deal with shock wave/PLP/lameness exams from them.
    Not once did I get a check that MATCHED my bill.

    Where as this last check we received from AEIG matched the bill 100%--they even paid the ridiculous 50 per night stall charge from the clinic. (the 2nd check came very quickly BTW. It was just slow getting the claim started...)

    Thus farm I'm impressed with the pay out. Impressed enough that it's just fine and dandy that the check took 2 months to arrive.

    thumbs up for them.
    And I LOVE my peeps at Hallmark. I have a more personal relationship with them just from calling and asking questions--having them email and check up on me (even when I didn't have claims). They are just very personable and make me feel like family. They even know my horse's "barn names" and when they send emails they remember the barn names and address the horses as such.
    I think it's really sweet and good PR!
    Horses are amazing athletes and make no mistake -- they are the stars of the show!

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    Very glad to hear. Have been a customer of Great Amer for about 40 years...Now they have these new rules So doing the switch to AEIG. Use Blue Bridle and they were great about reviewing pros and cons, value amounts, deductible and coverages available. My guys are "older" and I don't care so much about receiving money if they pass, but want coverage to keep them healthy while they are still able to capably and happily do their jobs.

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    I also have my horse insured with Hallmark!! I haven't had to file a claim but as purplnurpl stated they have great customer service
    RIP Sucha Smooth Whiskey
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    RIP San Lena Peppy
    May 3, 1991 - March 11, 2010

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    Another Hallmark (AEIG) customer here! Love them and their coverage is so much better than others. Their customer service is exceptional too !
    "When a horse greets you with a nicker & regards you with a large & liquid eye, the question of where you want to be & what you want to do has been answered." CANTER New England

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    Switched from Great American to American Equine as well this last policy year. Never had a claim with G.A. and just finishing up a Major Med claim with American Equine. The check did take longer than I thought (4 or 5 weeks) from reporting claim - however about a week of that was due to vet report taking time. They paid everything but the call fee and injections. I understand not paying for joint injections for wear and tear problems, but I wish for an acute injury they would make exceptions.

    Anyways, I'm still more pleased with them vs G.A. due to better coverage (just have the $300 deduct to pay for). If you have a big diagnostic with GA - that 30% adds up to a huge chunk quite quickly...

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