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    Default Rowel Spurs

    Are these kind of spurs: going to leave rubs? What about the pizza cutter ones?


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    The pizza cutter ones are my least favorite in regards to the risk of leaving marks. IME, if you really have to kick hard or use them aggressively, they can cut. And a few years ago I had a horse fall with me at a show while wearing them. She stumbled to her knees on the landing step of the jump and flipped me over her head. I "zipped" up one side with the left spur and landed on my right spur with my leg. She and I had matching slices from the pizza cutter spurs. I've been using them lately on my young guy, but only because I can't find my usual "star" rowels. He's so thick-skinned I haven't ever noticed a mark even when I have to gouge him a bit. So YMMV from horse to horse.

    Over the years I've had several horses I ride in rowels and my preference is always for the first ones you posted.

    In regards to leaving marks, I think you have to worry about your ability to use the spur appropriately (and keep your leg still) more than anything else. And if you've got a sensitive skinned horse it's amplified quite a bit. I have one mare who I've ridden for 9 years without ever leaving a mark. But I've had to pull the spurs off of several of the kids and friends who I've allowed to ride her over the years. Typically within 2 days she's rubbed raw because they're using the spurs as a "go forward" aid (and she's very much a deadhead), and I don't think spurs should ever be used in that manner.
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    Nov. 12, 2011


    If not used responsibly, pizza cutters do cause rubs.

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    I prefer the smooth rowels, they're less jabby than pizza cutters while still getting the point across. Any spur can cause rubs if used inappropriately.
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    Make sure you keep them clean. Dirt can cause the rowels/pizza cutters to not turn smoothly, and this will result in rubs not to mention an irritated horse.

    (As an aside -- I've been a ring steward at dressage shows and one of the tasks after the rider completes the test is to check various items: the bit, noseband, and spurs. For the spurs, you have to make sure that the rowel on each spur spins freely.)

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