First I have a size 16 youth Hunt coat made in FL USA navy with tan-ish pin striping and black interior, not super nice or super fancy but someone gave it to me and I used it for a few years before I could afford something fancier, now I want to pass it along, I'll post pictures later

Wanted size 8-8.5 riding boots, paddock, tall cowboy, whatever you have. Any other clothing, chaps, would be nice too but totally not necessary. I'd guess she's a small/medium? tall and skinny lol

She's 14 and her family doesn't have much money, they live pretty off the grid, and I exchange riding time for milk, veggies, eggs, etc. (I love it ) The girl LOVES horses but doesn't have the money for proper equipment and I'd love to get her a pair of boots, possibly as an early christmas gift. She spent all of he birthday money on a helmet because I said it was important when she started riding (she was using my schooling helmets before!) but boots are way out of the question. If you have anything please let me know and she'll be THRILLED!