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    Default Horse shopping in Spain, experiences?

    Hi all, one of my students has decided that she would like a PRE - she lives in Abu Dhabi, so its easier and closer for her to go to Spain than to try to import one from North America. She is also hoping that a Spanish horse may be more acclimatized to the heat in Abu Dhabi (although the barn is air conditioned!). I've never been horse shopping in Spain, so I have no contacts there to help us! Anyone have any experience with this? She found an agent online,, anyone have any experience with them? We would like to see as many horses as possible, its a big expense for us to go there, so I'm wondering what the numbers and selection is like there - for anyone who has gone, how many horses a day were you able to see? Also, how hard is it to find a piro negative horse? She will eventually be moving back to Canada, and its my understanding that a fair number of the horses there are piro positive and therefore restricted from being imported to North America. Any help would be greatly appreciated! PM me if thats preferred.

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    I have no experience w/ these horses (though would love to try one sometime!). That said, I nosed around a bit online. This looked interesting, and might certainly be worth a conversation w/ the person:
    This one intrigued me as being from the land of dressage warmbloods, she may well have a different eye if your client is looking for a really competitive horse.

    In addition, you may want to contact an American breeder or two, and look for suggestions as to a person on the ground in Spain. Hampton Green comes to mind. There was one breeding farm listed in the spanishhorsespecialists.

    good luck; I would LOVE to go shopping there...
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    I would second contacting Hampton Green Farm. A good friend of mine has a HGF-bred PRE and she traveled to Spain with Kim et. al. several years back.

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    Have her take a look at this website in Portugal near Lisbon.
    Georges has lovely horses and they are extremely well trained. He can also take people around to the other farms to look at horses.
    George knows Sr. Jose Luis Sommer-Andrade well (Jose-Luis' website at Herdade Font'Alva: and of course the quality of his horses are legendary.

    Golega - a very large horse fair in Portugal - is coming up in November. There is always a nice choice there and all the breeders. Have your friend contact Georges and he can accompany her to the fair. He takes a group every year.

    Website is acting a little strange so page down before you get to the images and text.

    (Unfortunately many many horses in Spain and Portugal are Piropositive. Many carry the gene without showing the symptoms. They will always need to be vetted for this first, before additional vet checking is done).
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    Check this website;

    You will find links on the "PRE Horses Market Place" tab to many International breeders. (120 in Spain.)
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