I received by email a PDF with information about the Woodford Hounds 2012 Cross Country Trials

Date: Sunday, October 21, 11:00 a.m.
Place: Woodford Hounds Kennels - A. T. Dean Road, Harrodsburg, KY 40330

What is a Cross Country Trial?
Jump the prescribed course, but part of the course will be timed and will have 2 stadium jumps, a gate to be opened (while mounted), and one cross country jump. Placings are determined by the fastest time through this section. Penalties incurred for rails down in timed section (5 seconds per rail). 3 refusals and eliminated. Emphasis on accuracy and efficiency. Must complete entire prescribed course to be eligible for prize.
Course available for walking only the morning of the Trials.

Entries $20 per round. Make entries the day of competition.
Warm-Up: There will be no timed section in this division. This is simply for schooling pur- poses.
Open: Jumps not to exceed 3’3” (timed section included).
Green: Jumps not to exceed 2’9” (timed section included).
Hilltoppers: Ride through a prescribed course, performing tasks along the way. Timed section included. English or Western tack; hard hats required.
Pairs: Jumps not to exceed 2’9”. Will split this division by Green and Open if entries warrant.
Enthusiastic tailgating encouraged! Come and cheer on your friends!

Is anyone attending this? It sounds fantastic, but I'd love to know more about the event in general.

Are they open to us coming up from Louisville?
Casual dress?
Do we need to pre-enter? Or can we enter subsequent divisions "on the fly"?

I hunt with Long Run Hounds and event (Training), so this sounds right up my alley, but want to make sure.