Can anyone recommend farm management software program? I looked at equibase - it's $30/m. I figured I could buy a program for less than the $360 it would cost to use equibase for one year and use it for years to come. If you think that is the best thing going - then I'll surely get it.

I have horses coming/going throughout the year for Delaware certification, sales prep, and layups. Some stay 30 days, some stay year round. (approx 50-60 horses/year come through)

I've been fine with my record keeping until now. I now have horses that have 8 owners and want to click a button to run invoices and such.

I don't currently use quickbooks for my business but am looking into it. I plan to start using something like that for 2013 and forward. If this plays into my invoicing software program, it would be smart to get both now.