After battling soundness issues for the last year, I am exploring light use options for my lovely TB mare. She is NOT in any danger and I am happy to lease/loan her, and she can return to me at any time.

I am also exploring just retiring her completely, but seeing how she thrives on interaction, I'd love to see her utilized in a small capacity! She loves people, loves to be fussed over and I think she will languish without a small job.

She is 8 years old and raced until 2010. She is sweet, kind, easy to handle, easy to have in the barn. Really exceptional temperament. Submissive, gets along with anyone in the field, mares or geldings. She'd be a great babysitter or companion. She'd be an excellent therapy horse with some additional training. She might do well in a lesson program with the right instructor.

She is sound in spurts, but I cannot at all guarantee she would stay sound all the time. She was ridden and shown extensively by a 13 year old novice rider in 2011, and has done a LOT of leadline classes too with two 6 year old kids. She has done 4-H, summer camp, H/J shows.

She seems to stay more comfortable with a lighter/smaller rider that is just working her on the buckle and not asking for anything more than going around on the rail W/T/C... no real lateral work or collection or anything like that. (I think that is why she did so well with the 13 year old beginner-ish rider!) She has not done a lot of trail riding but she is not spooky and I suspect she could certainly learn to love hacking out.

She likes turnout and could probably live out 24/7 quite happily if she's not getting beat up on. She is shod all the way around right now but it may be possible to pull the hinds. She has no special feed/supplement requirements though she does best on TC Senior or a low NSC grain. She is a surprisingly easy keeper for a TB.

Like I said I am willing to retain ownership for now and she can be returned to me should she not work out. If it seems to be a good situation for everyone I may consider signing ownership over. If she could stay in Western NY, that would be awesome. Otherwise, I'd prefer she stay within a 2-3 hour distance but will consider longer arrangements for the right person/home.

Contact me here or email for pics. I can try to get some vid this weekend.