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    May. 13, 2012

    Default Trail Riding Ranch in Reno, NV?

    I'm looking for a knowledgeable trail place in or near Reno, NV. Western or English, must be able to canter on the trails.

    Anyone know of a place?

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    Nov. 12, 2009
    New England


    Are you looking to bring your own horse or just want go out on a trail ride? This place is about 70 miles from Reno and just up the road from my sister: Since my sister is a high profile banker in the area and lived there for over 40 years - she knows everybody. These guys have a pretty good reputation and I've also been there a couple times when I was on vacation. Pleasant, low-key, knowledgeable people with nice facilities.

    Plumas county is also very gorgeous!

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    May. 13, 2012


    Not bringing my horse, so hoping for a nice ranch.

    I'll check out the link, thanks.

    Anyone else?

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    Sep. 2, 2010
    Northern California


    I don't have any experience riding in the area, but have had this place bookmarked for a while:

    A few positive Yelp reviews. I will say I have rarely been on a ride where you get to canter much, probably too many beginners overstating their experience and getting scared!

    If you go be sure to let us know.
    "Do your best, and leave the rest, twill all come right, some day or night" -Black Beauty

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    May. 13, 2012


    I'll email that place too. If I end up going to any of these places, I'll be sure to let you guys know!


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