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    I've had access to an indoor where I used to board and currently ride and will be making use of it this winter. That said, I have 2 OTTB mares I'm trying to work up to sell at my place and no arena. And no truck/trailer at my place to haul them to the indoor (although I could and probably will use my friend's rig on occasion). We'll see how much work they get this winter. Going to try to do some work. IF we get snow instead of rainy/icy crap, I have no problem working in that. IF we get it. Otherwise, my pasture is going to be a mucky mess and they just might get a winter of downtime... unless someone wants a project now for themselves for a better price.

    Hunting is awesome and I love it, but again... too much rainy/icy crap makes it all mucky and I wont' put tendons in that position. For me, now through the end of November is awesome hunting time. After that it gets dicey here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FitToBeTied View Post
    Take your eventer fox hunting. Fox hunts are going now and continue to the end of March. Its great for honing those XC skills.

    I don't have a ring or indoor,we just get used to riding in whatever conditions come along although I'll admit to taking advantage of indoors whenever I can.
    I agree with this, if possible. I'm not sure that I'm game enough to do more than hilltop my horse right now, but I'd love to go if I get the opportunity this winter.

    Like you, I don't have an indoor or even an outdoor arena to ride in. My trainer has pointed out the best areas to ride in case of bad weather/poor footing in the field, so I can make do. It's all part of my master plan to become A) more brave, and to B) toughen up and stop being such a sissy. So far, it is working.
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    I really liked hunting as a kid but haven't done it since. It's on my wish list, though I don't have a truck/trailer and I don't think I can sincerely guarantee that we'll be able to keep it together as I'd like.

    I've been thinking about this thread and I guess it's not really about winter but about coming off an illness that rendered me unable to control my left shoulder and neck well enough to drive, much less ride, for a long time. Winter coming on, fewer nice hacks in fresh air, and I'm in a minor panic that it's going to slip through my fingers (or more like neck and shoulder) again. But it's not. Playing with ground poles and inhaling pounds of dust are a pretty good alternative.

    Maybe I should spend the winter getting my bum shoulder straightened out. You can still see the problem a mile away even though it's not spasming and I can actually ride and drive.

    Any exercise recommendations for that issue are most welcome. I am exercising the muscle when I'm at my desk, walking aroudn, even showering, but I haven't figured out a way to do it while mounted.
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    Looking up


    I love winter. Foxhunting!
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    I'm going to see if other barn mates would like to try some mounted drill team in the indoor this year. A couple of us tried riding some figures side by side, and it was fun. Anything to avoid too much of the same old same old!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LookmaNohands View Post
    I am a transplanted northern living in the "south."

    You are all Wuuuses!

    Get some magnesium chloride, put it on your outdoor arena, drag it in really well and ride a way! I do lots of TTouch and ground work on my horses in the winter, get plenty of hacking done, even in the snow. In fact in deep snow I get really brave and ride BAREBACK on my OTTBs! Ask me how much conditioning work I have done on my horses in the SNOW!

    I can do an amazing amount of training at a walk. That is where I start the BRIDLELESS work. I can still do liberty training with one of my guys as long is the footing is soft.

    So while many of you are whimpering about bad weather, I am improving my horses so by spring we will be WAY ahead of you and your horses!!
    I could not agree more! I look at it like skiing - layering and winter gear - fleece lined breeches, nice warm gloves, mag chloride. The dark, not the cold is my biggest challenge, especially during the work week, but I take a flashlight and ride up to my neighbor's indoor. I think riding in snow is fun! I am lucky to have an outdoor and a neighbor with an indoor, I'll admit it, but even when I was boarding, I never stopped riding in the winter. In the more temperate months I can be thwarted by thunderstorms and torrential rain, not to mention heat indices in the high 90s with humidity you could cut with a knife. I just see it as a different set of challenges.
    Doing flat work is no less boring than swimming laps every morning. If nothing else, I want to keep my riding muscles strong, and I don't think it's too much to ask of my horse to give me an hour of his time, even if he might find it boring.

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    I ride pretty much all winter. No indoor at the farm where I board, but a good outdoor ring, plus lots of trails. If it is really muddy, I will trailer to one of several area parks that I know have good footing. There are two that are just awesome with gravel dust trails. If the weather is really bad( slushy/icey roads) I will just ride on the driveways at the barn.

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    Thumbs up LAst winter that wasn't..

    Quote Originally Posted by Derby Lyn Farms View Post
    Winter?! I'm still in denial about it being fall. I see people posting pics from September labeling them "early fall 2012" and I keep thinking we aren't even into fall yet. But it is October, guess I am considering this early fall or late summer lol.

    I don't have an indoor. I consider riding an outdoor activity also. I went down the road to the boarding barn and asked something about their outdoor arena and their reply was that no one ever uses it. Really!? They spend all those beautiful days riding in the indoor arena all spring, summer and fall.

    I am left without riding for the winter. I might haul down to the indoor a few times, but it gets to be a pain in the but. My arena gets too muddy. I am considering adding a roof to my roundpen, and I think I can get away with that in my township. I will call it an oversized lean-to.

    When I have to ride indoors I set up fun little courses. Not necessarily all jumps, but trotting poles, and gymnastic exercises.
    in all my years in Michigan never seen such a mild easy winter. Hardly any snow and many days above freezing, and even in the 40s and 50s. And I had nothing to ride!

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    Gr8ful, if I get a new horse, we can play baby horse Lucinda gymnastics -- we have 2 other green ottbs on the farm right now !
    Since my guy starts sending letters to the Humane Society if I ride in the indoor too many days in a row, I am acutely conscious of how often we really have to do this.
    We ARE lucky in this area -- there are weeks we are stuck in the indoor but it is mostly a week here and a week there, with days or weeks interspersed when you can ride outside.
    We ride in the fields in the snow if we get enough - great fun!
    It's not so bad, although it is admittedly harder if you are stuck coming out during the week after work -- it is dark and the indoor is often full of lessons. Riding outside in the dark and cold, not so nice. I often look at the forecast, and give days off based on that.

    But we have so many boarders right now with young horses and going horses that we will make the best of it, I promise!

    As for your shoulder, I assume you have a good PT? If not, that can do a world of good. I have a riding friend with serious shoulder and back problems, and she really relies on her PT to keep her mobile...
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    Thanks, Asterix. Now I want you to find that horse more than ever.

    Thanks to the day job changing, I'll be stuck with evening rides much of the time, so daylight and not footing will be a real issue. Sadly all of my applications to be an eccentric heiress were rejected. I think the hiring committees gave insufficient weight to my high-quality eccentricity. Their loss.

    As for the shoulder-- the PT gave me marching orders that I dutifully follow. I've been told it might never be back to normal but the plan is to keep trying.
    Shut up! You look fine! --Judybigredpony
    Ms. Brazil

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