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    Default Diseased Dead Deer Disposals?

    Just wondered if anyone in other locations has had the EHD or epizootic hemorrhagic disease turn up? We have had a big die-off in deer, especially in Ionia County, over the summer. Many of the deer are going to water, ponds, streams, rivers, to try to cool off and die in or around the water. Here is one report:

    The DNR says the disease doesn't spread to humans or other livestock, just deer by way of fly bites. Evidently this was a "perfect" year for all the conditions to meet and explode in the deer population. The disease has been known in Michigan since the 1950s, but had jumped into visiblity with all these deer carcasses littering the countryside.

    With the other post on "What to do with dead deer?" and folks just dragging them out to various places to decompose, made me think about this as a problem. Folks are then having their local dogs, farm and pet dogs eating on dead deer until gone. One person said her dog got sick from carcass eating. Eating on a known diseased deer sounds like a pretty sure way to have sick dogs. Seems like folks might want to rethink that method of disposal for a deer carcass they find.

    Anyway, these dead deer are a BIG DEAL locally, though our County is over a couple counties from Ionia. Something to think about, for possibly having to deal with in the future. We have an enormous amount of deer in our County, so having die-off like Ionia County would be a big problem to deal with for farms. And any running water, ponds in your fields would need to be blocked off to prevent livestock from drinking contaminated water. Possible carcass floaters upstream. Pictures on the TV or newspaper with floating carcasses in ponds is pretty nasty! Those animals have been dead for a while!! AND no one reporting on the disease, ever says what they do with the carcasses either! Can't think the DNR is picking them up for disposal, they are not set up for that, short on money now. So it makes you wonder what happened to all those dead deer?

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    I would call DNR and ask them what to do with the deer. We had one get hit in front of our house. It was hurt pretty badly, but not enough to kill it instantly. I called the sheriff's and they came out and shot her, and I threw her in our dumpster. Luckily we have a dumpster to do this. Otherwise the dump is $7 a square yard. I hard to take a young horse to the dump one time. It was the end of January and the ground was frozen solid. They actually dug a grave for him at the dump, which made me feel better then thinking of him sitting there in the open. So they do accept dead livestock at the dump, just check with that particular dump before you go there. But I will still question DNR about the diseased ones.

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    WOW, that article and the following comments are horrific
    I wasn't always a Smurf
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    The ignore list is my friend. It takes 2 to argue.

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