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    Feb. 14, 2012
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    Just a thought. You mentioned bartering childcare... can you offer to take her LO for a few hours and apply that towards board while you're taking the time off, then once you get back rolling again you can pick up where you left off with stalls and whatnot? I can see it being hectic, but it's an option for you.

    I don't think that you have to sell your horse, you have a back up plan.

    Good luck and congrats on your addition!

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    There are probably chores off-farm that you could do for her too--grocery shopping, feed store runs and other miscellaneous errands. You work off your board bill and she gets more time at home, which she might especially appreciate as her due date gets closer. Can you cook? She might be willing to swap board for meals--to eat now or freeze for easy-prep meals after the kiddo comes. Just some ideas...

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    My suggestion: Simplify.

    A) Move the the tb back to the farm and allow him to learn to deal with pigs and cows. You'll have a better horse for it. Acclimate him sequentially. Kiss him a lot during the process.

    B) Invest your effort, and probably a little money, in upgrading the horse part of the farm. Or not. Sounds like the horses can do fine in the cow pasture.

    C) Get a strap on feed bag and feed each horse each day whatever you want to feed them without having to bring them in.

    D) Wish your SIL a happy pregnancy. Visit often. Have a happy and relaxed pregnancy yourself. Enjoy.

    Extra Credit - Involve your husband more. We never heard what he thinks and this definitely affects him. If you simplified, thus reducing the chaos in your life, I'd place money he'd be grateful.

    Sorry this sounds bossy, but I'm just dense enough to not understand the attraction of drama. I opt out where I can. <shrug>
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