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    Question Anyone else have a horse that just HATES having a holiday?

    I am sick. I am doing the dying swan on the couch every day before work and after work (which is a real ordeal). My nose streams like a river, my lungs are trying to violently regurgitate every little bit of air I squeeze into them, and my throat feels like it's being sandpapered. I have slept pretty much the whole weekend, which typically, has been glorious still and clear, perfect riding weather.

    My young mare has still been visited every day. I've felt under her rugs to check she is warm enough and not being rubbed, run my hands over her legs and fed her. I have checked there is nothing nasty in her feet and that her water is fine. She is also checked by the owner of her home stables.

    Unfortunately she is making it quite clear that she is not happy with this 'neglect'! She is stalking other people whenever they go in the field to see their horses, following them around endlessly as they poo pick or even just go to check the trough. She is harrassing her field mates to play with her constantly, and running about like a loon for certain periods of each day throwing mad bucking fits (I get these reports from owners and stable owner who find her terribly amusing and have even been over to check she is ok, only to be stalked by her when they try to leave the field!). Now I am just waiting for her to jump out the darn field again as she did when I was at my dad's bedside when he was in hospital!

    She cannot stand being ignored and loves to interact with people. She likes her 'job' (hacking and schooling with groundwork, she's only 4!) and gives every indication of being bored within 2 days of being off!!

    I feel terribly guilty about it no matter how my stable mates try to tell me I am doing nothing wrong by giving myself the rest but I am too ill to do much about it either way! However today seems to be an improvement on the previous 4 so fingers crossed I will be back in the saddle soon.

    Anyone else have my problem?!
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    My show horse has the same problem - he gets 1 day off a week. Any more than that he starts picking on my other 2 geldings, running them around and is a major brat! I tried giving him a week off after our nationals show - no way after three days I was back to working him. Sometimes I just lunge him a little to make him think he worked that works a little but he is a workaholic and I can't complain I have another one that is a total lazy butt! I will take the workaholic anyday.

    Can someone lunge her for you while you are sick? Hope you get better soon.

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