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    Dec. 7, 2010

    Default New horse, rusty rider.

    So I finally did it. I got another horse. I went 6mons without really riding after putting Cruise down. I took some lessons for 2 months on a school master, trying to get my core half way decent.

    So in comes new horse. Ten year old 16.1 Grey Dutch Warmblood mare. Pretty. Sweet.Kind, and kicking quiet.
    But she is so sensative. Im having trouble keeping quiet enough with my hands and inside leg.

    She is forward and light, but she will root down, or brace up high when frustrated. Im trying the spiral in and out at the trot to bring her back up and lighten. We will have half a circle beautiful, and the other half hollow and crap.

    At this point all i want is forward, balanced, inside leg to outside rein contact wih some good moments of her back coming up and her starting to come into a frame.

    Her canter is loveley and balanced and round. Just trot am i having these issues. Anyone have any good exercises i can try without the use of side reins or draw reins.?
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    Esmarelda, "Ezzie" 1999 Swedish Warmblood

    "The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse."

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    Oct. 10, 2007
    down south


    Would love to see answers to this. I am getting out of this boat with my new guy after a lot of time out of the saddle. He braces and will flip his head sometimes and I believe it's me and my strength also.
    Horses aren't our whole life, but makes our life whole

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    Oct. 13, 2010
    Eden Prairie, MN


    It's kind of hard to offer specific advise without seeing what's going on, but I noticed you said that she's good for half a circle, then falls apart for half a circle. I would advise you not wait until it falls apart to get her back into balance. For example, if you are leg yielding out and she feels good but then gets quick and falls on your hands, I would slow her down and go back to a smaller circle to regain the balance right away. That stride, not in half a circle. Then start again, but keep the outside shoulder and evaluate the balance every stride, so that you stop the freight train right away before it picks up speed.

    Same with the horse that flips his head. My guess is he starts to stiffen against you and gets away from you before you can stop him. As soon as he starts to stiffen against you, soften the poll so that he doesn't get the opportunity to brace.

    When you see riders going around making it look like they aren't doing anything and the horse is always soft and forward, its because they anticipate the problems as or before they happen so that the correction can be small and discrete and then they can move on with life.

    Good luck! I hope that helps!

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    Oct. 30, 2009


    Nothing beats time in the saddle with a good instructor.

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    Dec. 7, 2010


    Oh i cant agree more with the good instructor comment.

    I am getting to know this mare for a month or so before i really dive into lessons. I am fully aware of my faults, and what needs to be fixed.

    Was just hoping for some input on some exercises to quiet my hands and active inside leg on an overly-sensative mare. I have always had geldings. This mare thing is a total new experience for me.

    Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Esmarelda, "Ezzie" 1999 Swedish Warmblood

    "The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse."

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