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    Default sweat sheet recommendations any one?

    I need to get my mare a new sweat sheet. The problem: the fleece ones don't work as she is a "roller" and getting shavings off a fleece sheet is miserable. An "irsh" woven one is a bit better but still a PITA.

    Is there a sweat sheet that is easy to just brush off? AND has good buckle closers so when she rolls the sheet doesn't get all twisted?

    I know it is a lot to ask!

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    May. 25, 2006
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    You might try one of the Rambo Dustbusters or one of the Helix Sheets---I have two of the dust busters-- one with and one without a neck and stuff doesn't stick to them so easy. Only problem is they are not as heavy as a fleece/irish knit but they are very breathable and the fabric is reasonably heavy knit so does have some insulating property. I did just get one of the new Rambo Grand Prix Fleece Coolers and its just GORGEOUS--almost too pretty for daily use. I also have several of the Eskadron Fleece coolers--they are very fine weave so dont seem to get stuff embedded in them Like some fleece does. They are both quite lightweight-which works well for me in CA.

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    Thermatex. should have her website up soon and watch for them on TOTD. For warmer weather try Dover's honeycomb chill chasers. Buy at LEAST one size up and wash before you use them, they shrink and bleed dye
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    Default isn't a perfect solution, but probably doesn't turn into quite the crumb cake that an antisweat or polar fleece would- I have this and LOVE it. Does not have a buckle front, but does have crossed surcingles, so typically stays more or less put. It wicks like CRAZY. I have put my horse in it after a bath, and come back 20 minutes later to find him dry.

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    Amigo makes a jersey sweatshirt-type cooler. Smooth on the outside and fleece on the inside.

    I have a really nice Shires cooler like that, but I got it several years ago.

    Smartpak also has their own version, but probably not what you have in mind.

    The honeycomb coolers are great too, but not as warm as fleece.

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