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    Default Tacky or Not? WWYD? :)

    Two tacky-or-not questions for the group that are slightly related

    Scenario 1) Association's year end prizes are pretty lack-luster, but owner is super stoked about her horse's achievement. Would it be tacky for rider/trainer/anyone other than the Association to purchase for her some sort of item to commemorate the occasion - IE a nice leather halter with a plate, embroidered cooler, etc with the year-end champion info on it?

    Scenario 2) I may have kind of accidentally ruined a friend's kid's year-end cooler (left it in the vicinity of a pony with a passion for destruction). Kid laughed it off, but I feel like a heel. I'm having the embroidered section from the original cooler framed for her in a double frame with a photo from the season. I've also ordered her a replacement cooler already, but I'm considering having the embroidery from the original cooler put on the replacement.

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    Not tacky . Thoughtful and kind.

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    I think those are both lovely ideas!

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    Funny story about that -- a lady I ride with had a beautiful USEF year end zone championship cooler. I always loved it!! And then one year I was zone champion myself, and I was so excited to get my cooler.

    Then I mentioned it to someone at the barn and they laughed -- the lady had gotten it made. I had to be happy with my little ribbon

    So I think that the second thing is a lovely gesture. I'd frame the chunk of it (which, honestly, is probably enough of an "I'm sorry" even without replacing the cooler) but if you feel the need to replace the cooler I'd just get a nice monogram or something. I think that would be more than enough.

    As to the first, I actually think that it's kind of -- inappropriate isn't the right word as it's much too strong -- weird? I didn't know enough to realize what this other lady in my barn had done, but everyone else who knew thought it was kind of foolish. I think a halter would be better, but why not just a great 8x10 in a nice wooden frame with a great brass plaque. VERY classy in my opinion.

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    Think it's a great and wonderful thing to do
    Horses aren't our whole life, but makes our life whole

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    They're both really nice ideas. My mom had a director's chair personalized for me for Xmas one year when I had been year end champ.
    "A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character." - Tesio

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    I agree with both being super nice ideas.

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    I really like the halter idea in scenario one. It's not like you're (or whomever is) trying to pretend it was an award, but rather a gift commemorating the accomplishment. The cooler though is a little more 'showy' than the halter, and i can see how some people could think it was over the top (that would be, in my opinion, from the jealous crowd.... not how I'd feel, but you can't deny that someone out there would think that way, you know how jealousy is) However, that wouldn't stop me from accepting it as a gift from my trainer or family/friends, and using it with pride. If anyone asked, of course I'd say yes it was a gift from X, not an "award".... if that makes sense :-)

    I think the pony blanket scenario is a very thoughtful and kind gesture. The double frame is probably enough but the replacement cooler is very kind.
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    One year my jumper, bless his heart, was year end champion in TWO hunter divisions (how I have no idea, especially since we only showed for 2 months!) the association president was a friend and let me know that everyone got a monogrammed scrim, but since I probably didn't need two, she was just going to give me a gift card.
    With that I got a nice halter with a plate that said the same thing the cooler did- I love it! And I've used it way more than the scrim!

    I've also contemplated getting a cooler made for being year end eq champion for a very large association- I got a tiny little silver plated dish, whereas the hunter people got beautiful coolers! That was back in 2009, and I still haven't done it, but maybe one day! I don't think it's tacky at all!

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    I won a very nice leather halter for a model class this year. When I got it I wished it had a cool plate on it or something showing my horse's accomplishment, and I even thought about having one engraved myself. BUT, "Midatlantic Horse Rescue All Thouroughbred HS Mare/Filly Model" wouldn't fit on the plate I ended up taking it to the local amish harness maker instead, had a snap added to the chinstrap, removed my old plate from my old TO halter that had a mis-matched crownpiece and had it put on the new prize halter, and bingo a flashy new TO halter. And only I know where it came from hahaha
    I think your owner would love any of the items you suggested, and it is a very sweet gesture.

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