I have pretty awful ankles/knees/hips that HATE traditional fillis irons. I have the EquiWing composite stirrups which I have had for about 2 years that I like. Now that the Jin stirrups are becoming more popular, quite a few of the girls at the barn have them, and I am considering getting a pair after hearing first hand accounts. I was not really willing to shell out that much for stirrup irons without hearing first hand how they rode.

My saddle is currently getting re-fitted, so I figured this is an opportune time to get a set of stirrups and just have them shipped back with the saddle. The store carries both Jin and Kat stirrups, but they only have the coloured Jin ones in stock, and as I do primarily hunters (definitely not the A-AA level, but hoping to get to a few bigger shows in Alberta as soon as giant baby horse is ready to move up to 3').

I have looked at the websites for both the Kat and Jin stirrups, and while I can't see much of a difference, they may ride very differently! So has anyone ridden in both the Jin and Kat stirrups to see how they compare?