My first pony was Boogie at Midnight, a 12.2 roan Welsh X. Well, actually, my sis and I had to share him. We had been using him in our lessons and one June day in 1985 we walked into the barn and he was in a stall decorated with pink and blue ribbons!

Boogie taught us to ask very nicely for anything we wanted. A pony that had been pulled off the meat truck as a foundered 3 yo ended up doing quite well onthe local circuit, hunted first flight with OCH and let us practice vaulting!

We never sold Boogie, we free leased him over the years to a hand full of people. I used him to babysit weanlings, tease mares, anything we needed o do, he did.

When I had my daughter, she was on him at a few days old. She did leadline,leadline trot races, hilltopped on him and learned to love horses on him, too.

When circumstances had me move 2000 miles away, Boogie stayed on at my dad's. Two crusty old guys just hanging out. Dad wouldn't put him out with his field hunters, so Boogie had a private paddock off his stall. When Dad was working outside, he would close off the gates to the drive, and Boogie would have the run of the place to graze.

He survived a bowel resectioning at 31, and a couple mild colics until 2009. Literally the day before I got home for a visit, Boogie had to be put down for colic. He rests out back of my Dad's barn, with a rose bush and a cherub watching over him, like he watched over so many countless children