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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Default Holy Chair Seat, Batman!

    So while getting some vids of the Goobs for prospective buyers, I noticed my position has deteriorated

    Now we did have 4 weeks off (basically all of August) when I was gone for work, so been trying to get us both back into shape. Heck, this week I decided to do 15min of 2 point followed by 10 min of sitting trot all on my own... and THEN I rode my other new horse. But I digress, these videos show me in a nice chair/defensive seat (even on the flat). I'm not even gonna mention wtf is up with my upper body at the canter, thought I had that cured YEARS ago. *shakes fist at work*

    Evidence #1:

    Evidence #2:

    Evidence #3:
    ... oh just look at all 7 of them at this rate! 5 are under 45s, really not all that much, quit your whining...

    This is a very new development. This is from July (right before I left for AK), no chair. In fact, pretty close to GM perfection if I do say so myself:

    I wish I could afford lessons right now (thank you lay offs...), maybe I can barter some off my trainer for grunt work since I have lots of unwanted free time. Aside from more saddle time, what else can put this genie back in it's box?

    On a good note, yay Goober looks pretty darn good with a flailing monkey on his back! That should help sell him quicker

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    Mar. 6, 2002


    Same saddle?

    I'm not really keen on the way it's positioning you, at least for flatwork. Probably great for getting your feet on the dashboard over a big XC fence, but for flatwork and regular, easy jumping, it does throw your feet out in front of you. I want to reach out and pull your heels down and back a ways.

    Do you have a dressage saddle to flat in? If you're used to this saddle and position, it's going to feel like you may fall on your face until you get accustomed to keeping your feet underneath you again.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what
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    Oct. 22, 2009


    Try wrapping some vet wrap or a short plastic tube in front of the stirrup leathers on the stirrup bar. It will let you get your leg underneath you. Right now it looks like the saddle is putting you in the wrong place.

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    Aug. 30, 2011


    Ditto the saddle idea. The saddle is probably contributing to/causing the chair seat. I did some unfortunate time in a 40 yr old Stubben while my young horse was making enough muscles to buy a proper saddle, so I feel your pain!

    Couple of things (all constructive! Not icky critical! )

    So your lower leg is slipping back, and you are pivoting on your pelvis, causing your upper body to pump. Instead of thinking leg forward (you can think that too) try pushing your knee down, and imagining your lower leg just draping along the horse, allowing more calf contact. This will push your lower leg forward and put more weight in your heels.

    What's helped me with the pelvis pivot is to (do the lower leg thing ^) and concentrate on sitting with a more open hip angle. May require slightly longer stirrups. When I imagine my more open hip angle, I think about evenly dispersing weight on my seat bones and my pubic bone. When I do that, my leg drapes and doesn't slide back, I sit up and stop pivoting and pumping.

    I also constantly think about having open shoulders (not shoulders back), because when my shoulders are open (or back-however you want to conceptualize it) it makes me sit evenly on my seat bones, and keeps my shoulders from leading my body (leading shoulders contributes to pelvis pivot)

    Sorry for such a long response, but these are the things that I work on everyday when I ride!

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    Jul. 10, 2006
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    You're being too hard on yourself:
    1. You have been all over the country all summer and have not had a chance to get fit and now that you're riding consistently you're doing slow green horse work
    2. Aren't you just getting over a very bad back episode? (probably the result of riding and not being really fit)
    3. You look better than you think. When you get your back muscles and leg muscles built up again take new videos. For now be kind to yourself and continue doing a good job training your new horse

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