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    Default favorite vet books or online vet info sites?

    Anyone know of any good websites for basic veterinary info for pets? I've been looking for one similar to the MedlinePlus or WebMD sites for humans--basic info on anatomy, descriptions of conditions and treatments, good graphics and simple explanations, easily searchable. I've been looking all morning and have found the following:

    None of these are quite what I'm looking for, though petwave is pretty good and Merck is very useful if you know the name of the illness. Just not comprehensive enough. This search was prompted by my cat going to the vet this morning, trying to find something about her symptoms (vomiting and urinary issues), then having a conversation with a colleague about cat digestion vs. horses and why horses can't throw up, which prompted me to want a basic description and graphics of the two species' digestive systems.

    Also, along the same lines, does anyone have a great veterinary handbook they recommend? For either small animals or horses or both.
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    Without spending a lot of money, "pictoral anatomy of the cat" is a really good in depth book for cat anatomy. All line drawings, and it goes over each system quite thoroughly. I think you could pick up a copy under $25.

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    I pay a very small fee for

    Lots of good research in the files, and if you question it, you can get a response from a Vet. Very good site and I think the concept is under utilized.

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    I liked something called along the lines of Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners and I found something similar for cats as well.
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    I have Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, and find it quite useful. Topics can be researched by both symptom and name. I also have The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult Canine and Feline and Equine. They are quite technical, but very informative.
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    LOVE that website! Turn to it almost daily to print client handouts about almost any disease/condition/concern under the sun. Has a ton of dog and cat info, but also deals with other species
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