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    Default Questions about USDF rated shows..

    I am mainly a hunter/jumper rider but now have a horse who is not hunter material, but really shines in the dressage ring. We have been to several schooling shows and scored very well (70%) at training level. I am looking forward to showing first level next year, but need some help in planning my goals!

    I've searched the USDF website and COTH forums but I am confused on a few subjects:

    1) I would love to do some rated shows, but talk to me about regionals. I've seen the 'Q' listed next to classes on the program. Is this reasonable goal for a newbie? How do you qualify?

    2) Does is matter if you are not a US citizen? (I am a permanent resident, but not a citizen).

    3) Is previcox an illegal substance?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

    PS. I am in love with RIDE TIMES! I don't know if I can go back to all the waiting around in the hunter shows now!

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    Regionals are a great goal! The qualifying score depends on the level. Assuming you are an amateur under USEF rules, training level requires 2 scores over 63%. First level requires two scores over 62%. The scores must be from different judges, at different shows, and they must be earned within the show year.

    If you wanted to ride in the First Level Championship, Adult Amateur...

    You would have to go to a rated show, enter First Level Test 3, and designate it as Qualifying on your entry form. You pay an extra $10 with your entry for this. If you get over a 63%, this counts as 1 score for regionals. You also have to make sure that your memberships are up to date before you earn your scores (USEF and USDF Participating-not Group).

    Go to another show with a different judge, do the same thing, and you get your second one.

    If you don't designate it as qualifying ahead of time and pay the $10, it can't count. You also can't get qualifying scores in the other tests of the level (i.e. first level 1 and first level 2).

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    Sure, regionals are a reasonable goal for a newbie. We all need something to shoot for. But you do need several things:
    1) Participating Membership for you in USDF
    2) Lifetime registration for your horse in USDF
    3) Active membership in USEF (don't know if you are a senior or junior)
    4) Annual or Lifetime recording for your horse in USEF.
    If you are not the owner of the horse, the owner needs these memberships too. (If you do not list yourself as trainer, then the trainer needs USEF membership as well.) You cannot pay non-member fees for regional qualifiers or regionals.

    Qualifying for regionals takes two minimum scores at the highest test of the level from two different judges, from two different shows. For First Level, an Open rider needs at least 66%, and AA or Jr riders need at least 62% at First Level Test 3. You can get the two scores in a weekend if you go to a show where each day of the show has a different USEF license number (usually it'll be called something like Dressage Show I & II). You must declare the ride as a qualifying ride and pay the qualifying fee before the class starts (usually done on the entry form when entering). Here are the rules on the USDF site:

    Regional Championships used to be only for US citizens, but they are now open to anyone.

    Previcox is not labeled for use in horses, only dogs, so any vet prescribing it that way is taking a chance with their license, but with regards to showing, the active ingredient, firocoxib, which is in the equine-labeled Equioxx, is a permitted substance within restricted limits (you cannot give it within 12 hours of showing, and there is a limit on how much is allowed in the blood). See the USEF Drugs and Medications booklet:

    Hope that helps.

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    Jul. 19, 2012


    Thank you, these responses have been very helpful.

    I will be showing as an Adult Amateur. I didn't realize I had to have USDF and USEF membership... good to know!

    Also, I have really been blown away by how welcoming and helpful people in the dressage world have been!

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