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    I had to take a break from riding for about a month, and my trainer has had me approach the warmup jumps in a two point position. This is mainly because my core is weaker than it was, and also because my sense of timing is a little rusty. After a few turns, she'll have me post into the jump when I feel like i have the hang of it.

    I think I have a different problem than you do- rather than a standing motion, i collapse lower and hunch over the withers. But maybe it could help you anyway.
    Another part of two point in my mind is allowing the hips to sink and follow the motion of the gait. If I stay too stiff, I either start sinking my upper body onto/over the horse's neck, or lose all momentum. So the hips are dynamic, allowing the motion to be absorbed in my hips, knees, ankles. At the same time I think about keeping my shoulders back and awaaaaay from my hands, like repelling magnets.
    Photos and video are excellent tools to help realize what's going on, id also watch riders of other levels and learn from them. :-)
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    I have to mentally focus on hands forward but shoulders high so I'm not leaning on the neck. Back arched and butt back. So as I put my hands forward, I also push my butt back. This helps close the hip angle and keeps me over the saddle.

    It's a work in progress for me!

    Also be careful your toes are pointed more or less forward, not very outward, or you may be losing your leg that way.
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    If your horse is a good sort, jump without your reins! As the horse takes off, drop your reins and hold your arms out to the side. Make sure your crop is held AGAINST your arm so it's not waving about menacingly. This is great to do through grids.

    It's IMPOSSIBLE to get in an unbalanced position when you don't have the neck to help you.
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