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    Default Jumping girth for horse with a forward girth groove?

    My friends mare has a very forward girth groove and it is pulling the saddle forwards. We are on the hunt for a jump girth in 44" that sits forward in the girth groove yet curves back to allow the saddle to stay behind the shoulder. We can find tons of crescent shaped dressage girths but aren't having a lot if luck with jumping styles. Any suggestions of brands that worked for you? Thanks!
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    I've got a County one - not sure of the style, but it curves forward, all leather, elastic both ends, lovely, lovely girth. Still looks like new after 2 years really hard work.

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    Dover makes one, Camelot makes one, Pessoa makes one, M. Toulouse makes one, and of course there's the original County Logic. My favorite anatomic girth is the Dover one--I like it even more than the Logic.
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    I have a horse with a forward girth groove that is also finicky about girths :/

    I ended up having to try a couple of things.

    1. I bought Kent & Masters saddles (they have adjustable billets)

    2. His highness tried multiple girths -the only one he was comfortable in yet helped somewhat with the saddle coming forward was the wintec elastic girth with CAIR.

    3. I also use a crupper at times -he is an overgrown pony!

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    A friend of mine has this one and she really likes it- they make black and brown ones:

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