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    Jul. 9, 2011

    Default Bucket List!

    Saw this thread over in the hunter/jumper forum and wanted to start one here!

    What are those wishes and dreams that you've always wanted to do with your horse?

    This is my list (so far)...

    1) Go camping in the rockies with my heart horse
    2) Trail ride at midnight during the summer solstice (the midnight sun! Take advantage of living way up here in the great white north)
    3) Complete a full format Training level three day event
    4) Gallop on the beach
    5) Clinic with Jimmy Wofford!!!
    6) Be able to ride bridleless at the walk and trot
    7) Take a riding tour in an exotic region like Nepal or Turkey.

    Ok, COTHers, let's hear it!

    What's on YOUR equestrian bucket list?
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    Not all those who wander are lost.
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    Mar. 1, 2003
    Happily in Canada


    I'll preface this by saying, I try not to use that phrase

    1. do a CCI***
    2. horseback safari
    3. go foxhunting again (my own horse would be fun)
    4. become good at show jumping
    5. a long beach gallop (my own horse would be fun)

    You never know what kind of obsessive compulsive crazy person you are until another person imitates your behaviour at a three-day. --Gry2Yng

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    Jan. 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL


    Quote Originally Posted by Blugal View Post
    4. become good at show jumping
    HAHAHA me too...

    I'll also second the CCI*** & gallop on the beach, and add

    -score under 20 penalties in dressage
    -go spectate at Badminton or Burghley

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    Jun. 25, 2004


    Some of mine:
    1) Go riding in the US West including the Rockies and Yellowstone
    2) Trail ride at night
    3) Complete a Classic Training and Prelim 3 day event
    4) Gallop on the beach
    5) Clinic again with Jimmy Wofford!!!
    6) Be able to ride bridleless at the walk and trot. . . in control. Did this once and ended up in a canter/gallop
    7) Take a riding tour anywhere - I watch Equitrekking for ideas
    8) Ride a cutting horse
    9) Learn to drive
    10) School a racehorse, flat or jump
    11) Ride an upper level Dressage horse - Correctly
    "Never do anything that you have to explain twice to the paramedics."
    Courtesy my cousin Tim

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    Sep. 24, 2010
    Area 1, Connecticut


    1.) Get good at dressage!
    2.) Complete a T3D with my current horse
    3.) Buy and restart an OTTB
    4.) Gallop on the beach (I live on the shoreline and still haven't done this! )
    5.) Lesson with as many awesome instructors as I can
    6.) Complete a CCI****
    7.) Go foxhunting.

    Don't believe the hype.

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    Jun. 16, 2009
    Gray Court, SC


    (Agree with T-Rex)

    1. Ride on the beach (all four gaits will work)
    2. Multi-day Trail ride in the mountains with my horse(s)
    3. Take my mare one more time to Lake Hartwell for a swim (she's getting on)
    4. Compete in a long format show
    5. Compete at AECs
    6. Help my SO compete and beat me in dressage so she can brag forever
    7. Clinic with Becky Holder or Sinead Halpin.

    There are so many more, but these I think I can do. I dreamed the other night about running at some (*)ish show, but were I to get to Training I would be content.

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    Feb. 7, 2007


    1) Ride Preliminary level
    2) Ride on the beach
    3) Go swimming on horseback
    4) Go foxhunting (my horse is NOT suitable for fox hunting but I'd like to borrow one to go!)
    5) Compete at AECs
    6) Get good at SJ

    Sorry to be reptitive! Unfortunately my horse came up lame last week so who knows how many of these will come to fruition with the current sweet boy Fingers crossed for a good outcome with the vet appt tomorrow.

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    Nov. 12, 2001
    Dry Ridge, KY USA


    Things that I have already completed on my bucket list.

    1. I have cliniced with Jimmy Wofford and Denny Emerson.

    2. I galloped on a beach in Ireland.

    3. I took a lesson from Willie Leahy in Ireland.

    4. I qualified for the AEC's the past six years and rode in four of them.

    5. I started my heart horse when she was 3 years old (She is 13 years old, now.)

    6. I exercised Polo ponies in my 30's for Lee Taylor in Germantown, TN.

    7. I exercised Fox Hunt horses in my 20's, while Cub Hunting with the Triangle Hunt in NC. When I was in Pony Club, I hunted with the Fitzpatrick Hounds in Alabama.

    8. I have schooled Grand Prix dressage movements on a Grand Prix dressage horse. I did Piaffe and Passage. I did not get to canter.

    9. As part of the Winter Term Abroad at Lake Erie College, I spent 2 months in Ledston, England at the Fulmer School of Equitation. While I was there, I passed the BHSAI exam.

    10. I observed a training session at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.

    11. When I was young, I rode with Major Bella Buttykay (he trained Wash Bishop at Cahaba PC), Wendy Ely (her Dad was Howard Morris) Peg Whitehurst (breeder of Seldom Seen and Last Scene) and Dennis Murphy (while he was on the US show jumping team in the late 70's). Even though Alabama was not the mecca for eventing, I surely had some great horsemen help me get my start in eventing and jumping.

    12. I used to take my first horse swimming in a lake on midnight, bareback trail rides, during Pony Club Rally camp. The grown-ups did not know that we snuck out to do this. Back then, we were young and had no clue how dangerous our escapades were.

    Still left on my bucket list:

    1. Ride the Connemara Trail with Willie Leahy.

    2. Get myself healthy enough to complete a whole eventing season, without having a season ending health scare.

    3. I would like to go to another eventing camp. I need to find one that is not held in the middle of the hottest part of the summer. Suggestions?

    4. I would love to make it to Aiken to event in the Spring. I have tried for the past four years to get there, but every year, either Tess or I have had a lameness/illness to prevent our going.

    Most of my bucket list has been accomplished. I guess, if you live long enough, you will have the opportunity to do most of your list.
    When in Doubt, let your horse do the Thinking!

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    Sep. 16, 1999
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    1. Multi-day ride somewhere -- rockies, Ireland, Africa, New Zealand... I'm flexible.

    2. Win an event, don't care what the level is (Char won Buckeye at Training level one year, but I wasn't riding her).

    3. Compete at more T3Ds... perhaps even COMPLETE a Prelim 3-day (did one with Char but we didn't complete... not sure of the time commitment right now, but I also don't have the horse so maybe)

    4. Learn mounted shooting

    5. Take advantage of anything I can in horses... riding different horses, learning from different people, going different places. Whatever comes up.

    6. Be a groom at a big show
    "Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. It's the Hard that makes it great."

    "Get up... Get out... Get Drunk. Repeat as needed." -- Spike

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    Sep. 24, 2012


    1) Ride in every single country with a top rider. Jumping and dressage. Some day I will take a year off and do this.

    2) Compete in a GP show jumping

    3) get both a GP jumping baby AND GP dressage baby out of my friends mares, that throw REALLY nice grand prix babies.

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    Feb. 11, 2009


    OH! I'll play...
    Stuff I've been lucky enough to do:
    1. Go swimming horseback (really stupid kids on ponies) but boy was it fun!
    2. Jump bareback (see above)
    3. Sorta go foxhunting (but only hilltopping and assisting one of the masters, didn't jump)
    4. Learn to pony other horses
    5. Ride a horse that went to an Olympics (was the alternate)
    6. Get to ride babies and sale horses

    Stuff I still want to do:
    1. GALLOP on the beach
    2. Foxhunt in England or Ireland
    3. Clinic with Wofford (didn't have enough pennies to go when he's going to be just down the road, gah!)
    4. Training 3 Day
    5. Prelim? Maybe one day
    6. Fix my jumping position over EVERY fence
    7. Piaffe and passage on a schoolmaster
    8. Ride a good reiner
    9. Ride a cutting horse

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