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    Mar. 1, 2012

    Default Conformation opinion

    Hi all. Could you please give your opinions on this yearling thoroughbreds conformation. (keep in mind he is a yearling)

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    Feb. 14, 2001
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    Cosmetically, he's a bit scruffy and pot-bellied. But that's only skin deep.

    Structurally, he's ok. He has a plain head, but a kind eye. His neck could have a bit more length, but it comes up well out of his shoulder. His shoulder/arm angle is alright. The shoulder seems a bit short now, but it has some growing to do. The first photo makes his back and hind end look awkward; he looks better in the second photo, more balanced in his parts. His hip angle is good. His hocks are well under him, but kinda straight. His legs look a little bit short to he may end up a little stocky and shorter-strided. It's hard to tell from a photo, though. Ideally, you want them to look like they are "longer on top than on bottom." It's kinda hard to explain, but visually you want the topline to appear longer than the underline. (easier to see in person, because a photo may be misleading).

    How tall is he? What's his date of birth and breeding? How does he move?

    At first glance, he doesn't "wow" me as a sport horse prospect. But they do change as they grow and mature, and pretty is as pretty does.

    (For comparison's sake, here are some yearlings I saw at Keeneland last week in a thread on Sport Horse Breeding.)
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    Its a will grow up down uneven and go from a duck to a swan and back overnight..sometimes the best balanced ones grown into icky pooh awefull...I stopped staring and accessing mine along time ago..if the joints are correct and the feet balanced you go for harmony and balance gaits.

    You can't compare hot house sales primes against a pasture product w/ no finished polish..just the basics and even then those babies at the bigger sales can get help to correct growing in the wrong direction...

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    Sep. 13, 2002
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    There is a good TB yearling thread in the Breeding forum.

    Started by EventerAJ.

    Go take a look at those yearlings. Especially the ones that people really liked. That will give you something to compare this yearling with.
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    Oct. 4, 2006
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    He is cute up front, but very straight behind...look at the angles (or lack thereof) in his stifle and hock. I don't think that is something he would 'grow out of' either....
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