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    Default Increasing pain 2 wks after ovulation?

    So I had the mare to the vet 2 weeks ago because she turned into a nutcase under saddle. And this is a 'put anybody on and don't worry about it' kind of horse. FWIW she's about 7.

    At the time, the vet found a 4.5cm follicle - and the mare is 14.2ish. He said to give her a few days and see if she got better, and to call back if not.

    Since she seems to keep being really pissy about her right flank (and sometimes BOTH flanks) I called the vet back.

    Another vet from the clinic was out today....where she'd let the first vet handle her pretty much anywhere, do an ultrasound/rectal just kinda standing around, she was much, much, much worse today.

    Bit my husbands finger snapping at having her flank palpated (fortunately he pulled it and I guess she realized it wasn't the lead rope), and then kept trying to kick during the rectal when the vet got near the ovary.

    So we gave her some pain meds and tranked her, and she was STILL reacting pretty strongly when he got close to the ovary w/ the ultrasound. Ultrasound was pretty clear that she'd ovulated, and some time ago, at that.

    So we're pulling progesterone to see what her levels are, but even the vet said that pain from the follicle would be unusual at this point.

    Trying to see what anybody else's experiences are.

    Also - he thot that he felt something hard when she tried to kick, and wasn't sure that it was the ovary again....So I am wondering about how valuable an abdominal ultrasound would be. And if most clinic ultrasounds would be powerful enough to do that?

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    I had a filly who was very much the same, she just didn't handle her heats well and as she got fitter and in much more work it got worse. The final solution was Regumate daily and a very healthy level dose. Tried the weekly injections of Altergest but that did not hold her. Plain old Regumate worked wonders. And to further the answer even in dead of winter NOT under lights she came into regular cycle timed heat. Although she was not a sloppy mare just extremely sensitive to anything touching her sides or flanks. Although she did tolerat riding, the grooming or even walls touching her sides caused squeals and kicks...

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