A close friend of mine just reciently had to put her 16 year old mare down that she raised. She is just starting to think about getting another horse. The horse she gets will need to be Safe Sound, Sane, have no vices and be manageable by an older lady.

We are located in Lincoln NE but willing to travel to KS, IA to find the right horse.

The right horse will most likely not be shown (at all, if ever), will be pampered, loved, have a home for life, have regular vet and farrier visits and really only "work" about 4-5 months a year. We bring our horses to NE for the summer months (May - Oct) and they winter in KS at her parents farm living the good life the rest of the year. This is due to the shortened dailight hours in the winter as well as increased workload for both of us. We do go to KS 2-3 times a month over the winter as well as coordinate the farrier visits every 6 - 8 weeks for the horses.

The lucky horse would be one of three horses on the acerage, mine is one of the other ones and a 30 year old mare that they have had for 18 years is the other one (a rescue).

If you know of anything please pm or let me know! Thanks!