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    Quote Originally Posted by goodmorning View Post
    Am I the only one who has yet to sit in a Devocoux that - um - my seat agrees with
    No, I sat in a friends and it didn't do much for me (Stackhouse was the same! At least one part of me doesn't have expensive taste...).

    Although unlike a lot of you my leg length is in my lower leg, not my thighs, so I don't have the long-femur issue so many people discuss here.

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    Just want to echo others here that say sell the Devoucoux and find something that fits! I almost bought one a couple of years ago and instead went with a Stackhouse. THANK GOD! I have only heard horror stories about how Decoucouxs fit horses--liked it as a rider, hated it for my horse when I had the rep out to fit one.

    Just met up with David and Lesley from Stackhouse last weekend to get my pony fitted for a dressage saddle after getting a monoflap jump saddle last year. I am as frugal as they come but will just about sell my soul for these saddles as I have never sat in anything so wonderful in my life and the three horses I've used them on seem to agree with me (well, not the sitting their case, how they fit their backs)!

    Now absolutely cannot wait for my havana brown (yes, I'm finally being fashion forward instead of backwards ) monoflap dressage saddle to come at the end of October. Anyone interested in buying a carriage or husband is a saint, what can I say?

    With regard to selling your Devoucoux, I highly recommend Patricia Cooper of Fine-Used Saddles. She sold the two Stackhouses I had for Traveler, who we lost in 2007, as they were never going to fit Mr. Hippo Pony. Sold them for more than I was originally asking when I listed them locally and was an absolute pleasure to work with! She, along with David and Lesley, are on my go-to saddle people list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
    No, I sat in a friends and it didn't do much for me (Stackhouse was the same! At least one part of me doesn't have expensive taste...).
    Wanted to say that unless you sit in a Stackhouse made for both you and your horse, there's a good chance it won't "do much for you."

    As you mentioned, for example, my saddle is made for my conformation--longer thigh, shorter lower leg. If someone who had different measurements sat in it...they probably wouldn't understand why I rave about the fit. The saddle is very carefully crafted to fit the person who will be using it.

    Another most "off the rack" saddles, I can ride in a 16.5" saddle. In the Stackhouses...I'm a 17.5". They fit quite a bit different than other saddles.

    The first thing David told me back in 2005 when I first got one was that I had to have some faith...sitting and/or riding in other peoples' saddles would not give me a good feel for the final product. I had faith, which doesn't come naturally...and never regretted it.

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    If you ever did a 'net present value' calculation and figured out what it would cost you over the life of your horse to either
    a) keep changing and buying new saddles as the horse changes or
    b) buying a really good brand that is adjustable and can be changed with the horse over his life
    you would be surprised at the money you end up with after 15 years if you invested the difference you would save at even just a minimal interest rate!

    Just do the math - it's like buying a really good car (which of course will need ongoing maintenance and oil changes over the years) vs. buying a junker that needs replacement every two years or so.
    (Okay, well maybe cars are a bad analogy, but I think you know where I'm going with this!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jn4jenny View Post
    some people are addicted to their Chiberta like they're addicted to crack
    Maybe it's my long femur issue, or maybe it's the buttery soft seat, but a barn friend let me ride for ten minutes in his Chiberta on an OTTB we've both ridden, and it felt like like I'd fallen in love. First time I had the opportunity, I bought a used one. Everything I've done riding I've deliberately done on the cheap -- my first wife always said that many horse people have more money than sense -- but I paid the $2900 without batting an eye. What's more, I discovered that I don't mind taking the time to tend to tack care as I had when I rode in other saddles.

    So this is what an addiction is like? Maybe addiction has gotten a bad rap.
    "Things should be as simple as possible,
    but no simpler." - Einstein

    “So what’s with the years of lessons? You still can’t ride a damn horse?!”

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    I have a devocoux chiberta for my fairly standard fit of an OTTB, though she does have a sensitive back. I am all legs, though I mostly needed a longer flap rather than a more forward flap because I don't ride in a super short stirrup.

    I have only had it a few months but so far my sensitive back mare moves very well in it and jumps well in it too. Plus it has a 6 month guarantee that if I don't like the way it is fitting I can return it for only the cost of shipping.

    I had a good experience with Paul of Devocoux, he came out to check the fit because I wanted to make sure it was fitting like I thought. It was, but I feel like if there was a problem he would have helped me take care of it.

    I may be one of the lucky ones who has had a good experience, and I can certainly understand getting frustrated if you have had stories like those mentioned above. Just thought I would throw out another opinion of someone who so far is quite happy with her Devoucoux

    Oh and as far as the OP-I would get a decent quality used saddle that fits him right now. If you love the devoucoux and can afford to keep it and get a new saddle, it's not going to hurt to have it in case you ride a horse it fits or your boy grows into it. Though they are hot on the market right now and you'd get a good price for it if you think that it's a slim chance it will ever fit your pony even as he matures

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