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    Default Thank You LAZ! Best score ever!

    FINALLY got to attend one of LAZ's shows this past weekend as she held a horse trial & dressage show. First, the farm is wonderful! Nice stalls, nice indoors with good footing, good footing in the outdoor rings, good space, lovely jumps. The food was wonderful! Sunday's meals for me consisted of Huevos Rancheros Burrito with OJ, Chicken Chili with cornmeal muffin, and a walking taco (gormet style not the kind in the fritos bag). And I left with a cup of hot carmel apple cider. didn't help my diet any but I certainly wasn't hungry or complaining about hte regular old show food.

    but more than that, the baby pony had a GREAT weekend!! We scored our best in dressage... and by that I mean after eventing with Char from 1994 to 2004 and only having *1* test below 40 (one of our training 3-day tests read 39.5)... to score a 32.0 about knocked me over. And that included a buck in the right canter circle. And an 8 for our left canter depart!!! Especially in an outdoor ring where the wind was trying to blow us to Oz. Put us in 5th place (we were running Starter (2'3")).

    We were sticky in our SJ warmup and I owe LAZ a jump cup as we came down on the back rail of the oxer and broke on of them. Oops. Lots to look at in the SJ arena but pony settled nicely and did his job well (I certainly could have stayed with him better). Clean SJ moved us up to 4th.

    But the best of XC. He quickly and quietly warmed up and I noticed he was pulling me to the warm up fences. NIce!! The course was lovely. A couple fences I knew I'd have to really ride. And he's never seen a bank, but I was going to try to drop bank anyway. I expected, given his general attitude, that he'd peek, but if I said "go" he'd go. If not, we'd pick up our 20 points and do the optional ramp down. He's been through water before and with just a MF at the water we'd certainly go for that. The course rode AMAZINGLY well! Only fence he really seemed to look at was the first "odd" one -- #3, a good size blue rolltop. But even then, he only hesitated a moment and then flew over it. Jumped the "library" at #5 (a red roofed cabin) wonderfully as well. Then came the bank. You'd think he'd been doing banks his whole life... never even slowed to a trot. Jumped a bit far out on the landing, but not a ton. And trotted straight through the water. MY watch gave us time faults but the official clock didn't -- had us coming in 18 seconds under. Clean round landed us in 3rd in the final placings! I'm still on cloud 9... and contemplating moving him up to BN at Walnut Creek Pony Club's mini-trial in a couple weeks to finish the year.

    Thanks again for everything LAZ! We'll definitely be back next year.
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    For some reason I can't post from my new keeps saying I need to reply with more than one letter (though a lack of verbosity has never been my problem...).

    You are most welcome! I am so glad you made it and I got to share the farm with you. Noble is a nice guy and it was fun to have you here.

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    I'm glad you had a good weekend!

    You should do BN at the walnut creek HT. I've gone the last couple years, BN is a cross between starter/BN-lots of nice jumps. Novice has been slighty unfair the last couple of years (lots of E's) but the BN has been nice! Stadium is very well decorated and in a big arena.

    I think I'm taking the big horse and doing the training CT, and doing starter HT with The Pony.

    I also found a showbill for a Event Derby thing the next weekend in the vicinity of Hamilton. I can pass the info on to you if you want? (Thinking about taking the big horse in training and The Pony in BN)
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