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    Wait a minute - where does it say Darren got meningitis from the contaminated steroids? That article is almost deliberately confusing. Fungal meningitis is also associated with compromised immune systems, such as in people with cancer or who are HIV-positive, and other causes. My thoughts are with Darren (and anyone else affected by this) but I think in situations like this it's extra important to be clear with the facts and not jump to conclusions. And this is not meany in any way to excuse the contamination - it's horrible and, indeed, especially tragic if that's how Darren got it
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    Well... isn't this just how it goes. All the conservative folks want 'less government so business can thrive.' Yadda, yadda, yadda..

    But, but, but.... then something happens where a less regulated business/industry has a "whoopsie, we killed a few folks...." and NOW there are all these "they are bad because they have less government oversight!!" (fungal meningtitis situation....)

    We can also recall the issue with the compounding pharmacy that had an 'oppsie' and offed a truckload of polo horses when their pre-match cocktail was mixed improperly....

    Plenty of folks were having pergolide compounded for several years.

    There is no risk free living. BUT, we have to get out of the habit of looking for a scape goat when things go wrong.

    Sticking a needle in a horse carries risks. Whether the vet does it or you do it, something could go wrong. I'll go so far as to guess that, just on account of the numbers, a horse owner who does, maybe 100 injections in their whole lifetime, may have fewer complications than a vet who does 5000 injections/year.

    The vet is going to do thousands and thousands of injections, so, at some point, they are going to have a serious problem. The odds are probably going to catch up with them eventually.

    For a while when the nasal strangles came out, there was a bit of an issue with vets accidentally contaminating injection sites because they injected after giving the nasal.

    The most dangerous germs you, or your horse, will ever be exposed to will likely be in a hospital or vet clinic. Where the coming and going of bodies coupled + frequent sanitizing = perfect conditions to breed super bugs.

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    I have been using the "adequan alternative" on my horse for nine months. It costs me about $30 for 20 doses, which means I CAN AFFORD IT. I did my homework carefully and use a good compounding pharmacy. (I use both Wedgewood and Haggyard). I am very, very happy with the results. There are compounding pharmacies out there that are very, very good. IN fact, when I was a kid (eons ago), my father was a physician, and he depended on a pharmacist to make up compounds for him. Once upon a time, this was normal, and people who went to pharmacy school knew their stuff. Those people still exist. Don't assume because it has Big PHARMAs name on it that it is the only route to go.
    Oh, and I know about a dozen people in my area whoa re using the same generic injectible I am and are doing it and their horses are loving it. This explains to me why Adequan is doing a flyover leafletting of the countryside with the term "There is no generic Adequan." True, but the generic I am using works just as well.

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