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    Feb. 9, 2009

    Smile An honest Craigslist horse ad

    Free horse, not a bomb proof husband horse, (that is you are a woman that can ride but thinks other woman's husbands can't). It's not up todate on shots or trims, pretty sure it has never been bathed other than when it has rained, which it hasnt for a while. Unknown if it is halter broke or even broke to lead. Currently located in a large pasture. Was told it had 30 days of training. I do not know if it was ever rode during that time as lot of the people that say they train are busy watching horse shows on RFDTV learning how to train. What ever happened to the guys that actually rode the horses out. Would like to see it go to a forever home or at least some place else forever. Does not come with any tack or feed. Short back, grey horse with large head. Unknown age but may be young, at least in good condition becuase it can run for hours while you try to catch her. I believe she is pretty sound becuase nothing she eats seems to kill her or affect her performace. I dont think she has ever been on the track, or used as a lesson horse. Would consider a life time lease provided you can never bring her back. You prefer to see her go to an advanced rider with some land and a backhoe

    I especially like the bit about going to a forever home, or at least someplace else forever.
    "I couldn't fix your brakes, so I made your horn louder."

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    It's honest but I think this person needs to take some responsibility for a horse they aren't taking care of, and is clearly well on the way to a truck ride to Canada. I mean come on, not handled, no veterinary care? A funny ad is not an excuse for neglect ....

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    Jul. 20, 2010
    Texarkana, AR


    Sounds like maybe somebody dumped the horse off on her or maybe renters or foreclosed on buyers that just moved off and left the horse. To me, it doesn't sound like its her horse.

    I just found out my meth cooking neighbors have been foreclosed on. They have this nasty, intact jack and I'm afraid they are just going to move off and leave him, if they haven't already done it. I haven't seen any activity at their place for a couple of days. There is plenty of grass for the jack but I don't know about water.

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