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    Default Mystery in Dog Poop

    Everybody's favorite thing to discuss!

    To start, my dog was on Purina One Beyond. On Friday my dog came down with some nasty diarrhea. My boyfriend cleaned it up and I didn't get a chance to examine. Saturday morning we had diarrhea again. While cleaning it up, I saw two pieces of white that looked like grains of rice. After some Google-Fu, I became convinced that she had a tape worm.

    Saturday morning we skip breakfast then she gets chicken and rice for dinner. Sunday night there is still of diarrhea. But it is much better.

    Now that diarrhea is clearing, I switch her food to Sojos Grain-Free Dehydrated Raw Beef stuff. She's eaten it before and we had already planned on switching her.

    Tuesday a vet examines the "rice" from Saturday morning. She says it is not a tape worm egg. Dog was on a poop strike yesterday when I needed to get a fresh sample. Today, she gives me one. It is well formed, much softer on the Sojos than the Purina though.

    Vet examines. Negative. But she says there are still those rice things in them. She says they look like seeds to her and whatever may have had the seeds in them may be what's giving her diarrhea.

    So, I live in Northern Virginia area. Any clue what could put rice-looking things in my dog's stool that isn't rice or a tape worm?

    (Side note, the bits of veggies that are in the Sojos food are completely undigested in her stool. I'm toying with switching to a raw or home-cooked diet. Aren't veggies important? Why isn't she digesting them?)

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    Don't know about the rice things if the vet thinks they aren't tapeworms. I might err on the side of giving her a tapeworm pill, but that's just me.

    As to why your dog isn't digesting vegetables, it's because your dog is a carnivore. They are not designed to eat or digest veggies, and they are not necessary to your dogs health. Your dog is designed to eat meat and stuff.

    My dogs are on a prey model raw diet. They get 80% of their diet in raw meat of various kinds, 10% is raw bones, and 10% in organ meat, also raw. No veggies, no grains, no cooked foods (except for training treats. I'm not putting raw meat in my pocket to train with....)

    Now, a lot of vets don't like you to feed raw, citing the risks of feeding bone, salmonella risks, etc. Honestly, you can do the homework and read up on it yourself, but I can tell you that my dogs have no issues with raw bones. As for salmonella risk, dogs stomach acid is amazingly strong, and they are really resistant to salmonella. My risk is minimal providing I follow proper meat handling technique, which I do.

    Hope your dog is feeling better soon!

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    Grains of rice? That sounds like the grass seeds from taller grass-it sort of looks like wheat, but smaller. Maybe unground wheat seeds from the previous food?
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    I was finding small white rice looking things in Riley's poo for a while, and then I realized that it was bits of Nylabone. He would and still does scrap his teeth against the hard plastic and he swallows the bits. They pass right thought.

    Most of the time I find the sharp little bits walking around barefoot. (in the house, I am not walking thought piles of poo).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MunchingonHay View Post

    Most of the time I find the sharp little bits walking around barefoot. (in the house, I am not walking thought piles of poo).
    NICE Glad you cleared that up.. LMAO the visual was awesome
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