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    Default 2 + 1 Trailer Owners - Question

    I am looking at a new Sundowner 2 + 1 and in the 2 compartment the divider at the butt end is free floating. The butt chains connect to the divider but the divider does not connect to a post into the floor. I'm kind of wary of this design, please chime in with your opinions. Sundowner is my only choice of trailer as the closest dealer for any trailer is 2 hours away and any other mfg is 4 to 5 hours away.

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    I have always owned 2 horse trailers. My first was a Cotner with a full middle divider. The chains attached to the divider. However there was no post into the floor and the divider can swing.

    My Trail Et has butt bars and has the half divider. The butt bars attach from the wall to the divider and there is no post to the floor.

    I have never had a problem with either design. I prefer the butt bars to the butt chains.

    I actually do not like a back center post on straight load trailers. I think it can restrict loading a difficult horse as you can't swing the divider out of the way and have the back almost fully open.
    The other nice thing it it makes loading and hauling non-horse things much easier. We move our zero turn riding mower in it.

    If you look at the last picture this is how my Trail Et is set up.

    I am not sure why you are wary about the design. Can you explain why? Maybe I can help you better if I have a better idea of your concern.
    I do always haul with both butt bars or butt chains up even with only one horse. In a pinch I took out the butt bars, chest bars, center divider and front post and had a box stall for a pony that did not like the straight load.
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    I don't think that's a 2+1 specific question.

    Most 2 horse straight loads have a swinging divider. Some horses like more room when loading. Often they have a post that stops them from sagging and sometimes they have a latch that pins the post into the floor or roof but I don't think it's that common.

    If the one you are looking at has butt chains there is probably a higher spec model from the same brand that has butt bars and might have a more substantial divider design that you like better.

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    I don't have a Sundowner, but my trailer is the same way. I like it because when loading 1 horse I can swing the center divider to the other side of the trailer, giving the horse a larger space to walk into. I will note that even if trailering only 1 horse, I still put the butt bar up on the empty side of the trailer. That way it's held in place from both sides.

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    Can you not switch the chains to a solid bar so that the divider will remain 'locked' in place once the butt bars are up?

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    Thanks for the re-assurance that this is a good and common design, my only straight load had a removable post that the but bars clipped into and I was wary of this free foating design.

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