Adorable male kitten in central Minnesota (near Brainerd). I think he's probably 10-12 weeks old. White with one grey spot on the top of his head.

A co-worker called me last night to see if I could take in & rehome this little guy. Her roommate brought this kitten home a few weeks ago, without the agreement of my co-worker, and is never home, never takes care of the kitten, etc. Co-worker doesn't like cats to begin with and certainly didn't sign on to take care of one for an absentee owner. She was ready to kick him outside. (they live in town!)

I will doublecheck with her to see if he's had any shots (I really doubt it). He's litterbox trained and was good with the dog they have. SUPER cute little guy. He rode loose in the car when I brought him home, alternating between my shoulders and my lap. Very loud purr, very friendly. And did I mention he is super-frigging-cute??? We have 9 cats already, don't need another one!